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A simple mesh fix to get rid of the "melting" or "drooping" visual on interior walls in Whiterun when using Noble Skyrim or other retexture mods that make this problem visible.

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This mod fixes a problem with the meshes of some interior walls in Whiterun that would make Noble Skyrim's textures and maybe some other retextures not apply correctly and look strangely droopy or melting. Most people will have probably first noticed this in Farengar's office, but there are some more walls affected by it.

The reason for this was incorrect UV-mapping (the thing that tells the meshes where the textures go). This was in no way the fault of the author of Noble Skyrim, but instead a problem with the vanilla meshes that has always been there. It was just invisible with the vanilla textures, since those are more or less just a plain surface. Adding a texture with lines or any other thing that could show warping (like the wood plank textures of Noble Skyrim) would make this problem apparent.

What this fix does:
This fix simply replaces all the meshes that show this problem with new ones that have corrected UV-maps. This will make every texture apply as they should. It took me about an hour to find all affected meshes and get them to a point where my perfectionism was satisfied.

This mod should be compatible with everything that doesn't touch the same meshes.
The only mod I know that also touches these meshes is Enhanced Lights and FX. But I carried over all their changes so that it should be compatible as well (you can use this fix without ELFX and it won't cause any problems though). Just load my mod after ELFX/let it override ELFX's meshes.
This mod is also safe to use if you don't use any retexture that is affected by this problem. It does improve the vanilla look, although I guess you would really have to look for it to see the difference in vanilla or vanilla-like textures.

Feel free to include these meshes in everything you want. Credit is nice but not strictly required.
I'd also like to encourage the author of Noble Skyrim or any other retexture mod to include these fixes in their next release.