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Use NMM to install or manually extract the contents to your Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition\Data folder
Also if you wish you can manually install this to Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim\Data if you wish to use it for the Vanilla Skyrim

Disable or Uninstall with NMM or just delete the SkyrimRecycling.esp in the data folder and the TorchCraftingScript.pex in Scripts folder.

Nearly all equipable non-enchanted armors and weapons can be smelted down to the tempering material. Roughly based on the weight of the armor or weapon, you get back about 2/3 of the weight in ingots. In addition since charcoal is base of carbon and carbon is used with iron to make steel, use the smelter to make firewood from just about any junk wood item then burn it to make charcoal. Then use the charcoal with iron ingots to make steel, allowing you to save on Corundum.
In addition to the vanilla smelting of junk Dwemer metals, I added all of the bowls, urns, cogs, gears, spoons and forks you will also run across in Dwemer ruins. The bowls seem to have Dwemer metal mixed with ceramic so in theory if you heat up the bowls you will get some ash and Dwemer metal that will allow you make ingots. The same with the urns that litter those ruins. Also after you smelt that gold ore or some jewelry to get gold ingots you can craft gold coins. Those merchants can't tell the difference!
One thing that bothered me was glass from Hearthfire. In reality with enough heat you can melt down crushed glass from many different sources and then pour it out on a spinning surface to create spun glass. I have actually watched some guys in my home town make this type of glass to replace old window panes. Why wouldn't you be able to do so in Skyrim? So with that thought I added every empty bottle I could think of as a recipe to make Hearthfire Glass ( not for use in armor :) )
I also added grouped recipes for Ore. If you have collected tens or even hundreds of ore smelting down each one is tedious so I added groups of 5, 10, 25 and 50 with the break down of 2 ores per ingot. If you have certain perks you can convert groups of some ingots to other ingots. Also for the thieves in our mists, after you steal some jewelry you can smelt it down to its base. Need lock-picks the you can craft 10 lock-picks with 1 iron ingot.

And for our Mages, all those burned and destroyed books can be processed to make some paper rolls. This in turn along with a crushing some soul gems and with an existing scroll will allow you to duplicate said scroll. Additonally for the Mages you can craft unenchanted Staves at the Blacksmith Forge and then enchant them at a Staff Enchanter workstation. By default ingame this can only be done at the Dark Elf's laboratory in Solestiem. It is located in Tel Mithryn and master Neloth will grant access to it upon completion of the quest Reluctant Steward. However several mods add this crafting station and the created staves can be used there as well.

I included nearly all of the pelts that can be gathered from animals to be tanned into leather. Also some armors or shields that have some leather can be stripped back down to it's base as well. Additionally shields can be broken down either at the tanning rack for firewood or smelted for its base metal.
Also at the Tanning rack you can craft some torches so those dungeon crawls can be lit up. I know this may seem silly for some in that you can find torches in lots of places, but it just makes sense that you could craft some for yourself.

I have played Skyrim for many, many hours and have collected tons of MISC items throughout my playthrough. I looked online and found several different types but none completed what I thought should be an accurate and realistic recycling of items. My thoughts go from melting down old scrap Dwemer components to Ancient Nord weapons found in crypts. So I started up my own for my playthroughs and have edited it to a point that I like. This wasn't really supposed to be a work in progress but it has turned out to be so. I have also received some requests for breakdowns from other mods. I will certainly try.

Version 1.12 -------------------
Added the following items for recycling:
• Children's Clothes - Linen
• Farm Clothes (most of the general clothing the NPC's wear) - Linen
• Unenchanted Robes (all types) - Linen
• Unenchanted Vampire Armor - Leather
• Vampire Gauntlets - Leather
• Vampire Boots - Leather
• All unenchanted boots & shoes - Leather
• Baskets (at Tanning Rack) - Hearthfire Straw
• Saw - Iron Ingot
• Nordic Carved Armor Set - Quicksilver, Steel and Ebony Ingot (you can only choose one type)
• Bonemold Armor Set - Bonemeal
• Dragon Armor & Weapons - Dragonbone or Ebony Ingot (you can only choose one type)
• Implemented in v1.11 but tweaked Unenchanted Staves (BlackSmithing Forge or anvil)
• Dwemer Centurion Orb - Heartstone Ore (still can choose to smelt down to Dwarven Ingot)
• At Tanning Rack can now make Fine boots, Fine shoes, and different colored Fine Clothes. You use the linen that you break down from cheaper clothing and colored flowers to "Dye" the material.
• AkaviriKatana added = 2 Steel ingot
• Tweaked the recycle amounts recieved on several items.
• A great many little additional Recycling Recipes.

Renamed entire recipe set to allow for easier editing. (850+ entries)
In order to make steel ingots from iron and charcoal = 1 x Iron Ingot + 5 Charcoal (under steel category at smelter). The first versions of Skyrim Recycling had an incorrect Coal01 instead of Charcoal as the recycled received which
didn't match the recipe for ingotiron + charcoal. If having the issue where you can't craft steel ingot delete the SkyrimRecycling.esp and download the most current verison (1.12) and replace.

Version 1.11 -------------------
The Inventory Object in RecipeIgnotSteelW2 changed to ArmorCompanionsBoots "Wolf Boots" [ARMO:000CEE7C]
The Inventory Object in RecipeIgnotSteelBlade5 changed to AkaviriKatana "Blades Sword" [WEAP:0003AEB9]
Added corrected entry for Large Bent Dwemer Lever
Added Dented Iron Shield to Iron Ingot
Corrected Entry for Silver Bowl to Silver Ingot
Added Entries for 3 types of Silver Candlesticks to Silver Ingot

Version 1.10 -------------------
Added Smithing and Alchemy experience to Smelter and cooking pots respectively.
Creation Kit added NavMeshing, removed it as it isn't needed. I just needed to clean the master esm files and Creation Kit no longer added it.
Added Silver GreatSword and Silver Sword as constructible objects and Tempering.
Added another wooden Bucket to Firewood
Added another Dwemer Pot to Dwarven Ingot
Changed Embalming Tools from 4 to 2 to Iron Ingot
Added Flower Basket to Charcoal
Changed Goat Hide from 2 to 1 to 1 Leather
Added Generic Plate to Iron Ingot
Added Dawnguard DLC Bloody Silver Goblet and Jug to Silver smelting
Added Werewolf Pelts to Tanning Rack
Corrected my own misspellings :)
Added Imperial Sword to Steel Ingot
Added constructible Torches to Tanning Rack
(Many thanks to bluedanieru for his initial creation of Craftable Torches)
His original mod --- > http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/13064/?
I looked through his mod to see what I had been doing wrong. o_0
Added all of the Hold Guards equipment to the smelter list.
You can now break down those shields either at the smelter or tanning rack.
All Hold Guards helmets and Curiasses can now be smelted.
A few other additions and tweaks.

V 1.0 -------
Initial Release