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Recycle all that junk. All that stuff you find inside a Dwemer Ruin? Well now melt it down so you can use it to make something more valuable. All those ancient Nord swords and axes...reuse them to make a brand new shiny sword. Found some empty wine bottles? Melt them down to make glass for your new HearthFire Home. Running out of lockpicks?

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Recycle all that junk. All that stuff you find inside a Dwemer Ruin?  Well now melt it down so you can use it to make something more valuable.  All those ancient Nord swords and axes...reuse them to make a brand new shiny sword.   Found some empty wine bottles?  Melt them down to make glass for your new HearthFire Home.  Running out of lock-picks?  Make some. 

Version 1.14 of Skyrim Recycling is up, lots and lots of additions along with some actual crafting of items as well. A little hidden item that can be crafted is the Silver Arrows. It's been here all along but some folks didn't know about it.

Thank ya'll so much for the kind and constructive comments.  I am so humbled and at the same time proud of our community!  You folks rock!

Please don't forget to endorse after downloading!

Verison 1.13  -  Change Log list updates.  Additionally I was asked by our player community to add experience gains when using the smelter, tanning racks so I did figure that out.  (REAL REAL HARD!) Sometimes the most simple mod is a Checkbox, go figure.  But I was also asked if there was one without exp gains, so you now have the option under files.  Pick your flavor.

Optional Downloads:
  • Skyrim Recycling No Smithing
  • Skyrim Recycling No Perks needed for recycling
  • Recycle Items from "More Weapons Please" by Relinquishnow - Adds his awesome weapons to the Recycling list.  Highly recommended mod for some beautifully crafted weapons.
  • Skyrim SE Expanded Skyrim Weaponry by Lrsamways (NPC Version Only) Yes now you can breakdown these magnificent weapons (OMG) to make a freaking iron Sword. WHY! The HORROR!  Have fun!
  • JS Armored Circlets SE by johnskyrim Download this awesome armor mod first and have some serious bling for your player character.  And for the circlets you find break it down to base components with the patch.

Warning: I do not own an XBOX 1 but was asked to port to for it. LINK XBox One

For those interested parties, this mod uses vanilla assets from the game and has only one small script.  I use this mod in both Skyrim SE and Skyrim 32bit (Vanilla).  So if you would like to use it on your original Skyrim it won't mess up your game but you must have all the DLC's in order to use this mod.

Nearly all equip-able non-enchanted armors and weapons can be smelted down to the tempering material.  Roughly based on the weight of the armor or weapon, you get back about 2/3 of the weight in ingots.  In addition since charcoal is base of carbon and carbon is used with iron to make steel, use the smelter to make firewood from just about any junk wood item then burn it to make charcoal.  Then use the charcoal with iron ingots to make steel, allowing you to save on Corundum.

In addition to the vanilla smelting of junk Dwemer metals, I added all of the bowls, urns, cogs, gears, spoons and forks you will also run across in Dwemer ruins.  The bowls seem to have Dwemer metal mixed with ceramic so in theory if you heat up the bowls you will get some ash and Dwemer metal that will allow you make ingots.  The same with the urns that litter those ruins.  Also after you smelt that gold ore or some jewelry to get gold ingots you can craft gold coins.  Those  merchants can't tell the difference!

One thing that bothered me was glass from Hearthfire.  In reality with enough heat you can melt down crushed glass from many different sources and then pour it out on a spinning surface to create spun glass. I have actually watched some guys in my home town make this type of glass to replace old window panes. Why wouldn't you be able to do so in Skyrim?  So with that thought I added every empty bottle I could think of as a recipe to make Hearthfire Glass ( not for use in armor :) )

I also added grouped recipes for Ore.  If you have collected tens or even hundreds of ore smelting down each one is tedious so I added groups of 5, 10, 25 and 50 with the break down of 2 ores per ingot.  If you have certain perks you can convert groups of some ingots to other ingots.  Also for the thieves in our mists, after you steal some jewelry you can smelt it down to its base. Need lock-picks the you can craft 10 lock-picks with 1 iron ingot.

And for our Mages, all those burned and destroyed books can be processed to make some paper rolls.  This in turn along with a crushing some soul gems and with an existing scroll will allow you to duplicate said scroll.

I included nearly all of the pelts that can be gathered from animals to be tanned into leather.  Also any armor or shield that has some leather can be stripped back down to it's base as well.  Shield can be broken down either at the tanning rack for firewood or smelted for its base metal.

Also at the Tanning rack you can craft some torches so those dungeon crawls can be lit up.  Some of the armors, shields and weapons can be broken down for alternate materials here at the Tanning Rack.

I have played Skyrim for many, many hours and have collected tons of MISC items throughout my play through. I looked online and found several different types but none completed what I thought should be an accurate and realistic recycling of items. My thoughts go from melting down old scrap Dwemer components to Ancient Nord weapons found in crypts.  So I started up my own for my play throughs and have edited it to a point that I like.

Val's Meltdown as inspiration for this mod.
(Many thanks to bluedanieru for his initial creation of Craftable Torches) His original mod --- > 



Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim isn't fully compatible.  The mod changes the default smithing perks which are needed for some breakdowns. Even if SR is loaded after or before.  Choose the Skyrim Recycling version 1.13NP (No Perks needed)  This will allow Ordiantor and SR to work together.

SkyTEST - Settings - Isn't compatible even with LOOT ran.  I moved both around in load order and still had lots of weird stuff.  The main issue is when STS is installed it causes most items in the smelter to be under misc category.

The only vanilla perks needed are Advanced Armors, Daedric Smithing and a few for Insightful Enchanter

If your using Gold Ingots to Gold Coins by Tzadki3l place after SkyrimRecycling.esp if not you will get duplicate menu items to make gold coins or gold ingots from Gold Coins. 

Tanning And Smelting Experience by charizardwithatwistplace after SkyrimRecycling.esp -> Duplicate Menu items

Useful Scrapping - Immersive Clutter Recycling by 0Arisaka0 will duplicate menu items at the smelter and tanning rack.
The above mods utilize the same recycling structure but implemented with different recipes.

Skyrim Scroll Crafting by T9X 69 doesn't conflict per say but place after SkyrimRecycling.esp to allow its menus to run.

I am sharing it now with the hopes that you may also enjoy this and add benefits to your game.