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  1. TwinCrows
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    Hey folks!

    Thanks for your feedback and ideas over the last few months. I recently invested the time into learning how to make an MCM, which allows you to tweak a few settings I've added in this update.

    Some of you have likely been waiting with bated breath for this...

    Extinction Ratios are now in! There is a daily % of value that returns to normal over time. Default is 5%, meaning values return to normal after roughly a month (diminishing returns and all that). This is fully customizable, from 0% to 100%. If you've been playing for a while and have inflated values, I'd recommend resetting it by turning it to 100% and waiting a day. Then, your values will return to their original costs.

    Extinction Ratio takes effect when you move cells after waiting at least a day. If you wait multiple days, it will execute multiple times to reduce the value by the correct amount. But this triggers only on loading a new cell, so travel makes it work.

    You may like to increase or decrease it according to what you consider to be the health of Skyrim's economy. If the markets are failing, set the value low, symbolizing scarcity. If the markets are thriving, set it high, symbolizing excess.

    Secondly, I've made an attempt to improve stability and speed of the mod. I removed all debug tracing, which can be expensive for systems to run. Hopefully now the mod will be faster, and smoother than before.

    I've also added an option to disable notifications

    Please do consider donating, very few people do and it means a lot to me.

    Visit my Patreon
  2. Kiggles
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    Safe to upgrade mid-game? Also, is there, or can there be an option to add "house" cells? Lots of mod added houses add automated crafting inventories, and without them being supported, makes visiting the locations hit the script load hard.
    1. TwinCrows
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      My recommendation for that is to disable the mod, go into your save and create a save, then enable it again and load.

      This should reset the tables, same as if you enabled to mod mid-game. If you don't do this, the mod will interpret each item's original value as 0 and try to bring it down. So it won't break completely, but your current prices will drop without a bottom, and may become too cheap. So I recommend that fix.

  3. Highlander451
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    >Boot up a new game
    >Install mod
    >Start in Whiterun and start picking flowers for alchemy and to make some scratch
    >travel into and out of the city just idly grabbing bits and bobs catching levels here and there
    >start traveling around and arrive in Solitude
    >start selling some wares to the general store to pick up more food, some potions and so on
    >s*** im low on cash, maybe I can sell some ingredients?
    >Purple flowers are ~800 gold a flower
    >what the hell this cant be right, some mod must be jacked up?
    >re-read mod description
    >"Stealing increases innate price just like buying an item"
    >having technically "stolen" alchemy ingredients from across Skyrim cities I've unknowingly inflated the price a single good to obscene levels

    And thats how I snapped the economy in half (temporarily) without even realizing it. Stonks.
  4. RedMageSern
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    Is there a way to exclude certain containers, especially those the player can't physically access? Storing items with my followers with Nether Follower Framework or with my horse with Convenient Horses causes prices to change. Perhaps some custom flag that a compatibility patch could add to the container to exclude it?

    I suspect the player chest with Nether Follower Framework would also be affected, but I don't really use that feature.
  5. Pitfallingpat
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    For anyone who is experiencing CTDs when saving after upgrading or removing this mod. Before disabling Supply and Demand you need to reset the quest which manages the changes, you can find it's ID by searching "help tc_supply" then using console reset it with "resetquest XX005900" (whatever the id for this mod ends up being) then save and then disable the plugin. Optionally you can run a save cleaner on it, but this mod actually only leaves 4 scripts behind and the crashes came from the tracking quest.
  6. OddSockSiR
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    Hey thanks for the mod it's pretty nice but very script heavy and causes me to crash if I try to sell to many items at once but that's okay I do wish there was a lighter version maybe with less items affected. but regardless I do enjoy this mod and recommend it if you are running very few script heavy mods too much of a good thing thank you TwinCrows.
  7. runfromfun
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    Sad to say that this mod was causing continual crashes for me.

    I kept trying to deduce if there was some conflict with another mod and never found it. It always seemed to be this mod, when entering new cells or making saves.

    Removing this mod fixed 90% of my CTDs.

    Big bummer, because this mod seems pretty cool, despite making my sweet rolls cost 100k Septims.
  8. CapCopland
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    Any chance we'll be getting version 1.1 for LE? This is much a great mod, just what I was looking for, but all those notifications are just a bit too much.
  9. Jareix
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    Is there any possibility for an option to add random price fluctuations? I just think it'd be pretty cool to see and a bit more lively than a solely hero-focused economy.
  10. wertsdfgxcvb
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    I've got a 100% reproducible CTD and I think this mod might be implicated:

    [01/19/2021 - 10:36:01PM] Split for rounding up on decreases or rounding down on increases
    [01/19/2021 - 10:36:01PM] warning: Assigning None to a non-object variable named "::temp42"
    [alias PlayerAlias on quest tc_SupplyDemandQuest (14005900)].tc_PlayerScript.OnItemRemoved() - "tc_PlayerScript.psc" Line 1701
    [01/19/2021 - 10:36:11PM] GrowByMult

    Scenario is: i've been crafting and improving items near Adrienne, and then I go to start selling them to her.  After selling a few items, i get a CTD, every time.

    This papyrus log snippet is the first time I've tried capturing the log.

    This is on a new start with a new, smaller mod list [from skse log]

    Saving plugin list:
    [5]Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch.esp
    [7]dD - Enhanced Blood Main LITE.esp
    [10]Weapons Armor Clothing & Clutter Fixes.esp
    [11]Semi-Open Guard Helmets SE.esp
    [FE:1]Trade and Barter - USSEP Patch.esp
    [12]SRC - All In One.esp
    [13]Faction Economy - Complete.esp
    [FE:4]ICWU Reborn.esp
    [16]Skyrim Sizes.esp
    [17]WACCF_Armor and Clothing Extension.esp
    [19]Immersive Patrols II.esp
    [20]Supply and Demand.esp
    [FE:5]Immersive Patrols II Simplified.esp
    [21]Bring Out Your Dead.esp
    [FE:7]NARC SE for Vanilla.esp
    [25]Cathedral Landscapes.esp
    [FE:12]Skyrim Reputation Patch.esp
    [30]Waterbreathing Breathless Emerge SSE.esp
    [31]Cathedral Weathers.esp
    [32]Trade & Barter.esp
    [33]Alternate Start - Live Another Life.esp
    [34]Immersive Citizens - AI Overhaul.esp
    [35]Realistic AI Detection 2 SE Lite.esp

    To be clear, i have all of the following of "economy mods" loaded
    - Supply and Demand
    - Faction Economy Complete
    - Trade and Barter SE, and the USSEP Patch
    - Imperial Mail
    - Imperial Mail interest

    Edit: i see LOTS of papyrus errors as i continue to play through the game:

    lots of these:
    [01/19/2021 - 11:21:23PM] Error: Cannot access an element of a None array
    [alias PlayerAlias on quest tc_SupplyDemandQuest (14005900)].tc_PlayerScript.OnCellLoad() - "tc_PlayerScript.psc" Line 211
    [01/19/2021 - 11:21:23PM] Error: Cannot access an element of a None array
    [alias PlayerAlias on quest tc_SupplyDemandQuest (14005900)].tc_PlayerScript.OnCellLoad() - "tc_PlayerScript.psc" Line 211

    and lots of these:
    [01/19/2021 - 11:26:09PM] Error: Cannot access an element of a None array
    [alias PlayerAlias on quest tc_SupplyDemandQuest (14005900)].tc_PlayerScript.OnItemAdded() - "tc_PlayerScript.psc" Line 859
    [01/19/2021 - 11:26:10PM] GrowByMult

  11. RogueGFAlchemist
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    Edit: Sorry, my mistake scroll past this comment.
  12. BradyT918
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    How do you safely remove this mod mid game. It's to script heavy and is slowing down some other mods like Legacy of the Dragonborn, No matter how I try to remove it, it just causes the game to crash on saving.