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This mod Adds Lore friendly professionally produced music tracks to your skyrim playlists.

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This mod only ADDS music to the vanilla playlist and does not remove any existing tracks furthermore this mod is compatible with all the major music mods out there, it will only add to your existing playlist!

This mod adds lore friendly professionally produced music tracks to your skyrim playlists.
The mod tries to stay true to the original game composer's (Jeremy Soule) style to provide you with beautifully and seamlessly integrated new music to your skyrim experience.
All music has been written by Nir Shor and all rights reserved.

V1.2 Adds a Dragon fighting music + Finale for the track in case that you kill the dragon before the track ends, the dragon fighting music is one of the only few areas in the game i wanted to improve and not just imitate, it still stays true to soules' style by using only orchestra and extensive use of choirs but is much more fast paced and well . . "Epic".
The track was added to several playlists that included "Boss" music including the Civil War playlist, so now you can enjoy the epicness in the civil war battles.
Next track you can expect some awesome Day Explore music, Thanks for reading!
- Nir

Only the latest version of skyrim is required and no need for any DLC's.
Mod is safe to Install and Uninstall at will and has been cleaned.
Just extract the content of the ZIP file to your Data folder

Just overwrite all the files.

Just deactivate the mod and then delete all the files.

It will work with any other mod, other music mods might provide conflicts I am not sure.

Can go anywhere in the load order.

Nir Shor is a multi instrumentalist media composer with works featured in motion pictures, games, apps and more, Using state of the art VST Sample Libraries in combination with live recorded instruments with one of the most popular music creation software in the industry Nir Shor achieves new levels of realism and quality in digitally produced orchestral and electronic music, his extensive experience and diverse musical background has enabled him to compose in many different genres of music ranging from Medieval to Blues and from Symphonic scores to Dubstep.

All the music of in this mod has been produced and composed by Nir Shor and all the rights are reserved to him.
The songs can be used on any "TES V: Skyrim" related content on youtube under the condition that my name appears either at the video outro or video info and only after contacting me with the intention of using it, with a provided link to the content.
Any other usage is STRICKLY FORBBIDEN without my strict permission!
You may not upload my file to any other website.