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A small to medium sized Player Home located in a small Valley in the Mountains close to the Border between Skyrim and Morrowind; to the East of Windhelm. Almost complete Crafting Kit; only missing the Staff Enchanter and the Spider Experiment Kit from the Dragonborn DLC.

Permissions and credits
Disclaimer regarding Bethesda.net Upload/Console Support:

I personally will not upload this Mod for Consoles for one simple reason. I do not have a Console and hence can and will not provide support based on Console-Related Issues that might not be present/apparant on the PC Version. That said: This Statement can be seen as a free for all Permission to do so - under one simple condition: Whoever uploads it there is responsible for resolving issues that might come up with the Version available there. I can and will not.

Edit: 20/10/18 - thanks to sforzinda the Mod is once again available for XBox One over on Beth.net. Follow the Link below: 

Fimbulvetr Retreat - Bethesda.net XBox One Version

Requirements; Loadorder; Update:

These Files have to be present in your Load Order - all of which are coming with the Special Edition DL - just for those that like to disable former DLC content for their Playthroughs:


Concerning Loadorder; well honestly it shouldn't be influenced or influence much [apart from things that Edit Tamriel Worldspace Cell 42, 8]. So I would say let LOOT decide. If you would force me to pick a spot that would be suited I would suggest to load after anything that "could" overwrite the Tamriel Worldspace Edit I had to make for the Valley to connect to Skyrim. Unless you want that to be overwritten; which would be a bit strange since that would get rid of the Entrance to the Valley and disconnect this Mod from Skyrim. So I would say up to you.

In case of any Updates in the Future Users of older versions should be able to simply Update to the most recent by overwritting the ESP and keeping the Load Order Position where it was. If you want to be extra careful retrieve your Items; leave both the House and Valley; save. Update. Reload; reorganize your Items. Shouldn't be necessary; at least it was not during my own testing in the past on default Skyrim Version.

But for good practice as a mod user *cough .. I always do that... promised*: Keep a Backup of a pre-update Save Game aswell as the pre-update esp; to fix issues should any come up.

What you get:

A small Valley located somewhere to the East of Windhelm. Inside the Valley there are two small Farm-ish Shelters; one with a bit of crops and a Grain Mill; the other providing shelter for a Cow and a few chickens. You will find a small House in the Valley aswell; which is the Player Home. Underneath the Valley; accessable both from inside the House aswell as the Exterior; is a small Ice Cavern; furnished to provide basic comfort and shelter for a Vampiric Character. Since both entrances to this Cave are rather well hidden you can simply ignore those if your character isn't into Vampirism as there is nothing down there that you won't find upstairs aswell.

Now; function wise the House provides the usual Crafting kit including:

Anvil (which has both the SkaalForge aswell as the SkyForge keywords; a bit against the Lore; but so much more Convienient; doesn't use the Anvil Animation -same reason as for the Keywords.)
Smelter (re-used Nordic Ruin Brazier/Sconce; without any Animation; using the Smithing Skill; meaning you get skill-ups from using it.)

Tanning Rack
Alchemy Lab
Cooking Pot
[outside] Wood Choping Block
[outside] Grain Mill

There is a lot of Storage available; all named in a way I tend to store my Items if I have enough containers to do so. Most Storage is decorated with static Items reflecting the contents that the Name would suggest aswell as almost for all crafting areas a generically named "crate" or "miscellaneous" is provided for those that don't want to sort their Loot.

All Containers are safe for Storage; with two Exceptions in the Kitchen and one Cavern below the House, shown in the Screenshots below:

You have been warned; I won't refund Items that have been taken by those Containers above.. or something like that.

Other Features:

A sort of Study Corner; a chance to relax at the Fireplace; a dinning area integrated into the Kitchen; a "guestroom" for - mostly - roleplaying Purposes aka where your Followers can Rest.

Concerning Adopted Children or Spouses: I personally never use that Feature of Skyrim; and therefore there is no Intention from me to integrate the framework or furniture for either to the House. If you don't like it there are many amazing Player Home mods available that might be better suited for you. :)

Three Mannequins; Four Large Display Cases; Three Dagger Display Cases; Four Weapon Plagues. Lots and lots of other Storage. A Shrine of Auriel in the Study; A Shrine of Nocturnal in the Bedroom. A Shrine of Tal... Get out Thalmor!.. A Shrine of Talos in the Cellar.

For the Vampires there is a Copy of the Bloodstone Chalice to be found down in the Cavern. While it works exactly like the original granting the buff for Vampiric Drain; which should work with the Misc quest from the Vampire Side of Dawnguard; it has a slight side-effect aswell. Upon Activation it will grant the equivalent of one feeding; in the form of a single application of the Feeding effect of those Blood Potions from the Dawnguard DLC.

A small; cozy Underground Hotspring acessable close to the Lake in the Valley - as with many features mostly for roleplaying and/or screenshots.

Location(in a Spoiler for those that would rather stumble upon it by chance):


Known Issues:

[not "gamebreaking"] Depending on the ENB/ReShade Preset and/or Lighting Mods you are using the Interior of the House might be too dark or bright. There is not much I can do about that; with all the ENB/ReShade Presets / Lighting Mods that might become available.

[Possible Conflicts] Anything that Edits the Cell [42, 8] in the Tamriel Worldspace.

Apart from that I'm not aware of any Issues as of now; so if you spot some I would be thankful for as much insight as possible to resolve the issue in a timely fashion.

Credits & Permissions:

- Bethesda for both creating Skyrim; Skyrim Special Edition and the CK for both(as clunky as it can be)

- All the amazing People here on the Nexus; both the Staff aswell as the Members for providing such a colorful Community; a well organized Website and a huge amount of fantastic quality Mods.

- My Friends for answering countless Questions; hinting at Issues during Testing and taking some amazing Screenshots of the little Project for me. Thank you very much!

- Other Mod Authors on the Nexus; while I did not use any Ressources for this Project their work was highly Inspirational to look at both in my Game over the years aswell as in the Screenshots and Modpages of the Nexus. Thank you for sharing your mods with the Community.

Since this Mod is a single .ESP File without any custom ressources used I think there is not much to be said. Use it in any way you want. If you have questions and think I might be able to help do ask. I would prefer it if this would stay a Nexus Exclusive; but with the previous said it is up to you what you do with it. If you however decide to upload/convert this for Consoles I would kindly ask that you will take full responsibility to resolve Issues your Users report as I can not troubleshoot on Consoles. 

And just as a Statement:

My Mod(s) will be "Forever Free" while as a Mod User myself I will be "Forever Thankful"!

Both of those Logos can be used as a clickable hotlink to their respective modpages. My thanks to both their creators!