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Replace the lockpicking minigame with skill based random chance.

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This mod replaces the lockpicking minigame with a random chance based on your lockpicking skill and the lock's level. The point of this mod is to make the lockpicking skill and its perks useful. This mod is completely configurable, allowing for the chance of success and xp gained to be changed to your liking. 

If you find a bug, kindly report it.

There are six variables that determine the chance of lockpicking success:
  • Base
  • Perk
  • Locksmith
  • Harder
  • Easier
  • Mult

The chance starts at Base
chance = Base

If you have the perk for the lock's level, the chance is increased by Perk
chance = chance + Perk

If you have the Locksmith perk, the chance is increased by Locksmith
chance = chance + Locksmith

If the lock's level is over your lockpicking level, the chance is decreased per level by Harder
chance = chance - (Harder * (Locklevel - LockpickingLevel))

If the lock's level is under your lockpicking level, the chance is increased per level by Easier
chance = chance + (Easier * (LockpickingLevel - Locklevel))

Finally, the chance is multiplied by Mult
chance = chance * Mult

There are four variables that determine the XP given:
  • Base
  • Break
  • LvlMult
  • Mult

If lockpicking was successful:
xp = (Base + (Base * LvlMult * Locklevel)) * Mult

If lockpicking failed:
xp = Break * Mult

Other options: 
A lock far enough above your lockpicking level is considered unpickable, you won't even attempt to pick the lock. A lock far enough below your level is considered to be too easy to be a challenge, and is guaranteed to be successfully picked. Lockpicking during combat can be enabled or disabled. 

There are 3 different sounds that provide feedback as to what happened. When a pick breaks, you hear a pick breaking. When you pick the lock, you hear the lock being picked. If you activate a locked object and have no picks, you hear yourself trying to force the object open. 

This mod operates through use of the perk entry points. If a mod requires its own script to run for a locked object, there is a potential for conflict. By selecting the Menu mode for this mod in the configuration, some mods might become compatible.
Furthermore, this mod is made with the vanilla lockpicking perk tree in mind. While it makes no changes to perks or the perk trees, other mods that do can cause features to not work or not work as intended.

The default XP configuration might not be balanced. 
Lock level and lockpicking level is in the context of novice, apprentice, adept, expert, master level, not the actual number. 
You can change the lock levels with the command "setGS <option> <number>" (the <option> has to be in quotes), defaults listed below: 

The number is what is used with lock and getlocklevel commands, with the default settings using the command "lock 43" on an object puts an Adept level lock on the object. 

Sometimes the script can take a while to run, so be patient.

To give you an idea what to expect from the default configuration, here is a table of all possible chances.