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Made simple changes to the frugal shacks.
Other simple changes are included.

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This is a mod that installs doors, ceilings, and windows in poor shacks scattered around Skyrim.
Other simple changes are included. (Such as removal of blood stains and bones that damage the landscape)
In Ver.1.4, Twelve places have been changed. And there's also a shack available to players.
In addition, two shacks are available for players to use.

I made it while complaining about CK which is difficult to use.
Therefore, there are imperfections, but please forgive it with your generous feelings.

If you want to fine-tune the position of the placed object, use Jaxonz Positioner.

Naturally, there will be conflicts with mods that change these locations.
If the objects interfere, please delete them manually or change the position of the object.

Recommended Mod
Static Mesh Improvement Mod - SMIM
And various retexture MODs for wood and furniture.

-Shacks with changes -

・ Anise's Cabin
・ Angie's Camp
・ Alchemist's Shack
・ Lucky Lorenz's Shack
・ Burnt shack near the waterfall south of Pinewatch
・ Cliffside Retreat
・ Riverside Shack * Changed the creature's waiting point from indoor to outdoor.
(This is to avoid significant FPS degradation caused by creatures sinking into walls and ceilings.)
・ Hunter's Rest
・ Northwind Summit
・ Bandit camp (located near Riverwood)
・ Crabber's Shanty
・ Greenspring Hollow (Added in Ver.1.4)

-Shacks that players can use-

・ Hermit's shanty
・ Waterfall Shack

-What I will not do even if requested-

・ Creating patches to ensure compatibility with each MOD.
・ Enhanced interior. (e.g. addition of cooking utensils and storage that does not respawn)

There are some SSs that are not listed here.





Please read Changelogs.



飾り付けや微調整にはJaxonz Positionerを使用して下さい。

Static Mesh Improvement Mod - SMIM

-変更場所 -

・リバーサイド小屋 *クリーチャーの待機地点を屋内から屋外へ変更(壁や天井にめり込んでFPSを大幅に低下させる可能性がある為)