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This mod adds the type of ore in each mine to it's name on the map.

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If I was going around, filling in my map, myself, as I explored mines; I would put a note, on the map, as to what each mine was. That way I wouldn't go half way across the country and waste time mining in an iron mine, if I needed gold!

This mod adds the type of ore in each mine to it's name on the map, so mines like 'Bilegulch Mine' become 'Bilegulch Orichalcum Mine.' It also, optionally, adds a number of map markers, to mines on the map, so that main cities don't have ores appended to their names.

There is also an optional installer choice for the Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch Compatibility. The USSEP corrects Redbelly Mine to be an Iron mine and Northwind Mine to be an Ebony Mine. This reflects that.

The mod was rebuilt from the ground up for Skyrim Special Edition. Special care was taken to resolve ALL bugs that existed in the previous versions. It was then cleaned with SSEEdit and an installer package was built for the different options.

Mines With Altered Names

Bilegulch Orichalcum Mine
Embershard Iron Mine
Gloombound Iron and Ebony Mine
Kolskeggr Gold Mine
Left Hand Iron Mine
Lost Prospect Gold Mine
Northwind Iron Mine - (Ebony with USSEP Compatibility)
Ruunvald Malachite Excavation - (This is a part of the Dawnguard DLC)
Stony Creek Moonstone Mine
Whistling Iron Mine
Type Changed Map Markers

Soljund's Sinkhole and Moonstone Mine (Cave -> Mine)
The cave is short, contains more than enough mining spots, and the only Moonstone mines were unmarked. It is also referred to as a mine by the NPC at it's entrance.

Darkwater Crossing (Mine -> Settlement)
Goldenrock Mine is now marked, itself. The settlement can be shown as a settlement.
Map Markers Added

Dushnikh Yal Orichalcum Mine
Fenn's Gulch Silver Mine
Fort Fellhammer Iron Mine
Goldenrock Corundum Mine
Halted Stream Iron Mine
Iron-Breaker Iron Mine
Mor Khazgur Orichalcum Mine
Quicksilver Mine
Raven Rock Ebony Mine - (This is on Solstheim, which is a part of the Dragonborn DLC)
Redbelly Ebony Mine - (Iron with USSEP Compatibility)
Rockwallow Iron Mine
Sanuarach Silver Mine
Steamscorch Malachite Mine

Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch Compatibility MOD Differences

Updated Redbelly Mine to Iron.
Updated Northwind Mine to Ebony.

Please let me know if anyone sees any errors, or let me know if you have any requests or opinions. I am here to serve! This is a simple mod (although getting more complex with each patch); however, so I don't expect many.

Some people might find the inclusion of some map markers (like Fort Fellhammer) to be redundant, as there is a marker for the Fort and the Mine. I, personally, wanted to be able to find a fort (or get the marker from a quest) without psychic knowledge that there was a mine inside. I also like the fort still being marked as a fort, not a mine. But tell me what you think!

Gloombound Mine (Iron and Ebony) has a really long name. Not sure how that will feel in-game but seemed valuable for the accuracy. Also, in the Lore Friendly variants Soljund's Sinkhole and Moonstone Mine has a tremendously long name. Soljund's Moonstone Mine just felt like a lore change but I will test and possibly change.

Thanks to the hard work of Astree, Detailed Mine Markers now has a French translation, which can be found HERE.

Detailed Mine Markers for Original Skyrim
Bethesda.net - USSEP Version


  • v1.4
Added Lore Friendly variants.
Changed Gloombound Mine to Iron and Ebony.
Changed Ruunvald Excavation to show it is a Malachite.
Changed Stony Creek Cave back to a Cave marker.
Corrected Dushnikh Mine to Dushnikh Yal Mine.
Added all DLC dependency for better compatibility (being as all SSE users have them).
Added USSEP dependency to applicable files to reduce confusion.
Changed installer to be a little more streamlined.
Did a better job of cleaning the files.
  • v1.3
Numerous Bugfixes.
Cleaned with SSEEdit.
Corrected spelling of Kolskegger to Kolskeggr Mine.
Corrected spelling of Iron Breaker to Iron-Breaker Mine.
Changed Darkwater Crossing from a Town to a Settlement marker.
Changed Stony Creek Cave to Stony Creek Cave (Moonstone) and changed marker to a Mine.
Added marker for Raven Rock Mine.
Added options to installer to not add mine markers, just rename existing mines.
  • v1.2
Rebuilt for Special Edition.
Built All-in-One Installer.
  • v1.1
Changed Darkwater Crossing's map marker from a mine to a town.
Added USSEP Compatibility mod.
  • v1.0 - RELEASE
Changed the names of 9 mines.
Added 12 map markers to Mines in the gam
Changed Soljund's Sinkhole from a cave map marker to a mine map marker.