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I've seen a few mods like this on the Steam Workshop, but none of them did exactly what I wanted which was to provide some functionality to what are otherwise useless objects (the windmills and the grain mills), while being minimally intrusive. To that end, this mod only edits the grain mills and the three windmills around Whiterun that didn't seem to be used for anything. I was going to modify all of the windmills, but the rest of them are used as references for markers and scripts so I left them completely alone. The three original windmill activators around Whiterun have simply been moved below the world instead of deleted to help prevent horrible conflicts.

I've also added some recipes to create a few ingredients which I will list below. The recipes produce one ingredient unless noted.

New Ingredients' Recipes
  • Flour - 2 Wheat
  • Fish Oil - 2 Salmon
  • Fish Oil - 2 Clam Meat
  • Troll Bone Meal - 1 Troll Skull (Creates 2 extra)
  • Dragon Bone Meal - 1 Dragonbone (Creates 2 extra)

Vanilla Ingredients' Recipes
  • Bone Meal - 1 Human Skull (creates 1 extra)
  • Powdered Mammoth Tusk - 1 Mammoth Tusk
  • Powdered Mammoth Tusk - 2 Horker Tusks

All of the items below this require 1 Potion of Magicka (not Minor, Plentiful, etc.) AND the third rank of the Alchemist perk.
  • Fire Salts - 2 Rubies + 1 Salt Pile
  • Fire Salts - 1 Flawless Ruby + 1 Salt Pile
  • Fire Salts - 4 Garnets + 1 Salt Pile
  • Fire Salts - 2 Flawless Garnets + 1 Salt Pile
  • Frost Salts - 1 Sapphire + 1 Salt Pile
  • Frost Salts - 1 Flawless Sapphire + Salt Pile (creates 1 extra)
  • Void Salts - 3 Amethysts + 1 Salt Pile
  • Void Salts - 1 Flawless Amethyst + 1 Salt Pile
  • Glow Dust - 1 Emerald
  • Glow Dust - 1 Flawless Emerald (creates 1 extra)
  • Ectoplasm - 1 Diamond
  • Ectoplasm - 1 Flawless Diamond (creates 1 extra)

NOTE: Some of these recipes may not be the most efficient use of resources for some people while others may see some of them as OP, but I have tried to keep them balanced based on my own experiences in the game.


Only something that edits grain mills or the three windmills around Whiterun. Texture mods should be completely safe.

Known Issues or Bugs

  • When using grain mills, the menu will automatically close when the animation stops, but if you exit the mill before the animation stops you will have to wait until the mill animation stops before you can re-enter the menu. Windmills don't suffer from this.


1.0 - Initial release. Cleaned with TES5Edit.

Manual Uninstall

  1. Start Skyrim, click Data Files, uncheck "Smash It Up - Functional Mills.esp".
  2. Delete "Smash It Up - Functional Mills.esp" from your Data folder.


Just send me a PM.



You can do whatever you want with this mod. If you credit me, I would appreciate it!

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