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Raises SSE engine monitor refresh rate limit in exclusive fullscreen mode.

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Deprecated by SSE Display Tweaks

Those who already run the game at higher framerates probably noticed that SSE forces 60Hz refresh rate in fullscreen mode regardless of FPS uncap settings. You had to either Alt-Tab out of the game or run something clunky like SpecialK to force the maximum refresh rate, which is not the ideal solution if all you're looking for is a buttery smooth gaming experience. This plugin fixes the issue by overriding Bethesda's hardcoded limitation.

The plugin is passive, after it performs the patch it immediatelly unloads so there's no overhead.


  • SKSE64


  • Drop into SSE install folder


Q: Which SSE versions are supported?
A: In theory all are, but only 1.5.97 and 1.5.53 were tested.

Q: I'm seeing errors on startup, what's wrong?
A: Safety checks failed so patching aborted. Either no valid segment was found or multiple possible segments were detected.

Q: Why am I seeing plugin load "Error 1114" in skse64.log?
A: It's normal, ignore it. Technically this isn't a SKSE module, it just takes advantage of the plugin loader system to perform the patch. After patching it intentionally signals SKSE that it failed to load which leads to the plugin being unloaded from memory. Any actual errors will pop up in a message box, otherwise patching was successful.


  • 0.2b: Added configuration file with option to set the refresh rate limit