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About this mod

Adds the lovely Twitch Streamer and Youtuber Joy Aileen as a Follower and Bard with with her own Songs, including her original Skyrim Song "The Last Dragonborn".

Permissions and credits
This Mod isn't done completely. Inventory and Spelllist as well as the placed Location of the Bard may be subject to change.
The Dialogues may also change in the future (right now some vanilla dialogue is used, but most lines are not voiced. I can't promise that I will get it custom voiced).
Also I'm new to modding and I'm basically teaching it to myself with this mod.

If you have any issues with this mod, or you have ideas for improvements, or you have a request for something to be added, feel free to contact me about it. Links to my Social Media can be found down below.

Be aware:
The music in this mod was not created to be Skyrim bard music. The songs use sound effects and instruments that are not used in Skyrim.

THIS MOD IS NOT RECOMMENDED FOR IMMERSIVE GAMEPLAY. It is mainly for people who like the songs themself.

Adds the Bard and Follower Joy Aileen located at Riverwood's Sleeping Giant Inn.

You can ask her to sing songs at the place she is currently located or let her follow you and sing everywhere you go.
There are currently two different ways in which you can ask her to follow you:
Either just like a vanilla follower, where she engages in combat or ask her to follow as a bard and only provide entertainment (no combat, just singing).
If she is set to engage in combat, she will stop to sing as soon as she engages.

This Mod contains the Songs:
The Last Dragonborn - Original Skyrim Song by Joy Aileen
Black Wings - Original Skyrim Song by Joy Aileen
Tale of Tongues - Skyrim Bard Song Cover by Joy Aileen
The Dragonborn Comes - Skyrim Bard Song Cover by Joy Aileen
Tosche Station - Cover by Joy Aileen (I know it's not a Skyrim Song)

This mod is dedicated to the lovely Singer and Twitch streamer Joy Aileen
You can find her music on Youtube and Spotify
Also she Streams on Twitch, where you can sometimes find her playing Skyrim
And here is her website

In case you want to stay updated on the progress of the mod:
You can find me on Twitter. I will post it there, if I make changes to the mod
Or join my Discord for suggestions or discuss the mod in general.
I may occasionally upload showcase videos.

Known Issues:
-lip movement while singing is all over the place because she is trying to sing the instrumental parts too.

-Most dialogue lines are not voiced