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Moves the Enchantment Tomes from every vendor to just Sergius Turrianus in Winterhold. Also modified the descriptions of the books to describe the enchantment they contain.

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Hey, I have a Discord now! 

I'm a big fan of Enchantment Tomes, but there were a couple things about it that bugged me:
  • Every court mage now had a book inventory the length of Nirn.
  • There are a lot of enchantments and with Summermyst sometimes I forgot what some of them do...

So I uh fixed it. Now all the tomes only appear in Sergius Turrianus' vendor inventory as he's the enchanting  instructor in Winterhold. He wasn't a vendor before so these are all he has. Keeps things nice and organized. I also added the descriptions of each enchantment to the book descriptions so you can see it as you browse which one to buy. The <bracketed> magnitude and duration descriptors didn't appear to work with this so I just used XYZ variables.

FAQ and Troubleshooting

Q. Why am I still seeing the enchantment tomes in all mage's inventories?
A. Check your bashed patch.

Q. Why don't you have a non Summermyst version?
A. Because I use it, I'm never going to remove it, and I'm too lazy to rip those records out in a different ESP just for you. Summermyst is awesome. Go download it.

Q. Can you...?
A. Can I? Probably. Will I? Probably not.

Q. I don't like...
A. That's not a question. And I don't care.

Q. Can I uninstall this mid game?
A. What the F!@# is wrong with you?!

Photo courtesy of Flickr.