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Bored of every farmhouse in Nord villages looking identical? This neat overhaul will make villages alot more interesting, every farmhouse mesh recieved an unique look. The farmhouses still fit each other and give an immersive village impression.

Permissions and credits

This mod is a complete overhaul of all 6 farmhouse buildings, as well as smith, inn, yarl longhouse, and lumbermill. Every building recieves its own set of textures, giving the building an unique look. The textures are carefully chosen and almost all of them are thoroughly treated by hand so they look unique and still fit into the scene along with all other textures. Overall, my goal was to create an immersive village impression with an varied, more brownish-wooden style compared to the ugly grey vanilla textures. Some optimizations to the vanilla farmhouse meshes were also conducted to fix some weird looking details.

-------------------------------------------------------------------- What does the mod contain? ------------------------------------------------------------------

27 meshes and 136 textures. This means there will be more textures loaded in the villages compared to a vanilla setup, so make sure you have the spare VRAM, and chose wisely between 2k / 1k version.

------------------------------------------------------------------------- Installation ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Install as usual with your mod manager of choice. It's just textures & meshes.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- Credits --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Not all textures are by me, I used alot of publicy available CC0 / free licensed textures, please refer to the Credits tab.

------------------------------------------------------------------------ Disclaimer ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

This mod was created for free to give back some to the awesome Skyrim modding community, donations of any sort are not accepted. However, I would really appreciate if you take the time and leave an endorsement in case it turns out you like this mod, to show me my efforts of creating this were worth it :)

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FAQ -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Q: Stonewalls?
A: I provide a stonewall texture, but more for the purpose of interior farmhouse walls. for Stonewalls, I use the mesh replacer of Xenophobe3 from Oldrim (link), I think it looks the best. You will have to simply run the meshes from oldrim through SSE nif optimizer if you want to install it for SSE. If you do not like my stonewall01 texture, you can simply delete it.
The fence seen in some pictures is also available on the nexus.

Q: SMIM compatibility to maintain 3D-ropes?
A: Install optional file.

Q: Compatible with JK Skyrim / mod xy?
A: My mod does not add objects, so technically always 100% compatible. If vanilla or custom stuff added by any mod fits to my interpretation of villages has to be tested and evaluated by the user itself.

Q: Description a bit minimalistic?
A: Yes, it's late, this mod is ready for release and I wanted to get it out. Might polish the description some time in the future. But there is not alot more to say about this mod, just have a look at the screenshots to see if it fits your taste.

Please report any issues, but I doubt there are any! :)