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Intergrates various items from creation club content into skyrim for a more immersive experience.

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[left]Creation Club is part of Skyrim

This mod attempts to integrate various parts of Creation Club content into Skyrim in a more immersive way.
It is a similar theme/idea behind my Dragonborn is a Part of Skyrim mod and the spiritual successor of Rare Curios
is a part of Skyrim

I hope many will agree with me when I say that the Creation Club does a poor job of intergrating into Skyrim and can ruin the immersion for the most part, what with its auto-quests and almost "go here and kill this" approach.  I feel that there is some really good content in the Creation Club and with the number of creations getting bigger it wouldnt hurt to intergrate them a little more into our game play.

So what does this mod do?

It adds many of the items from various creations to the game either through levelled lists or through adding items to NPC's (but only where it makes sense!). For example Vigilants of Stendarr wearing the Vigilant armor.

What this mod does not do:

This mod does not alter the way the creations add quests to the game. There are many mods that do this and I have noted some in my recondmended mods below.

Ok, we get it, you like immersion; but what does the mod do!?

The mod intergates various items in the following way:


All ingredients from Rare Curious have been added to various vendors who may have access to those ingredients. For example the alchemists on Solstheim will have access to Morrowind ingredients (Brand-Shei in riften has a small supply too). Each of the vendors will stock their "region"; keep in mind that they are still rare. The extra ingredients from Saints and Seducers have also been added to these vendors and levelled lists as well as the new mushroom added by the Goblins creation and the Mort Flesh from Plauge of the Dead. 

Vendors who may carry supplies of these are:

Elynea Mothren - Tel Mithryn
Milore Ienth - Raven Rock
Brand_Shei - Riften
Angeline's Aromatics - Solitude
Enthir - Winterhold

Spells and Scrolls

Saints and Seducers added in new spell tomes and scrolls. While you can obtain the spell tomes by doing the quest I still felt it worth while adding them to their respected levelled lists. The scrolls have also been added to scroll level lists. The conjuration spells added by the Plague of the Dead creation have also been added to level lists that match their skill.  It means that you can purchase them from spell vendors at their appropriate levels. It also means that there is a chance to find them in the wild!

The following spells and scrolls were added to level lists:

Conjure Malignant Zombie - Expert conjuration list
conjure Putrid Zombie - Adept conjuration lists
conjure foul zombie - Apprentice conjuration lists
conjure zombie - Novice  lists
conjure dark seducer/golden saint warrior/archer - Expert conjuration list
conjure dark seducer/golden saint warrior/archer - scroll list

Weapons and Armor

Oh boy this is the big one.

The Saints and Seducer creation added in 4 new sets of armor with a full arsenal of weapons for each set. Once the quest was done you could craft the weapons and armor at any forge. This has not changed. What I have simply done is intergrated the weapons and armor into skyrims levelled lists so that they can be found in game while looting a dungeon or two. Just like most other weapon/armor sets.

I have also intergrated the Vigil Enforcer set into the game through adding the armor to NPCs. Most Vigilants will now have a random chance of wearing some or all of the armor. Carcette and Tolen will wear a set of the Veteran armor (minus helm). Charmed vigiliants will wear the corrupted set and finally Tyranus will wear an Enforcer full set (including helm).

Further to this, members of the Silver Hand have a chance to wear part (or all) of the Vigilant Silver Hand armor. The Silver hand leader/boss wears a full set. Those Silver Hand who wield 2 handed weapons have a higher chance of wearing the armor while the rest will have a mix of their normal armors and the Silver Hand armor (I did say they have a change to wear part or all!).

The levels for the various Saints and Seducer armors appearing are as follows:

Dark seducer/Golden saint weapons appear around time daedric do. The armor will appear around lvl 46.

Amber weapons added  appear around lvl 30 with the-armor appears lvl 35

Maddness weapons appear around lvl 40 and the armor appears at lvl 40

All alternate armors: Dwarven Mail, Stalhrim Fur, Daedric Mail, Elven Hunter, Dragonscale, Ebony Plate and Steel Soldier have all been added to levelled lists and will appear in loot, on NPCS and in vendors inventories across skyrim, with the expection of Stalhrim Fur which will appear rarely from Stalhrim merchants on Solsthiem (the same method as the standard Stalhrim armor could be found).

All of the Alternate armors can be crafted without having to complete their Creation Club Quest, as long as you have the right perk. I.E Daedric crafting for Daedric Mail.

The levels these alternate armors appear at are similar or the same as their normal Skyrim counter parts.

Creation club content! Specifically: Plague of the Dead, Rare curios, Saints and Seducers, Goblins, Vigilant Enforcer Set, All Alternate Armor creations (Alternate armor - Dwarven Mail, Alternate armor - Stahlrim Fur, Alternate armor - Daedric mail, Alternate armor - Elven hunter, Alternate armor - Dragonscale, Alternate armor - Ebony Plate, Alternate armor - Steel Soldier), elite crossbows and crossbow expanded set.


Anthing that modifies the Vigilant NPCs or Silver Hand is likly to cause a conflict. 
If using other mods that modify levelled lists I reconmend making a bash patch.

My mod: Rare Curios is a part of Skyrim has been incorprated into this mod. Do not use it with this mod.

I have not done anything with the crossbows and I am not sure if I will as there is already an excellent mod that does just that: Creation Club crossbow intergration

Future plans:

Look at intergrating Netch Leather Armor
Keeping on top of future creation club content to intergrate.

Reconmended mods:
Dragonborn DLC is part of Skyrim
Decorating Madness
Saints and Seducers material crafting fix
Unoffical Skyrim Creation Club Patches
Joseph Russles Creation Club Updates (Note: not compatible with Unofficial Skyrim Creation Club patches, but both are modular so pick and choose!)
Creation Club crossbow intergration
Creation Club - Armour Intergration (Netch and Spell Knight armors  only if you want to use both that mod and mine)
Creation Club improved part 1
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Nix Hound Eye Fix
Creation Club Poison Apple Texture Fix
Creation Club Arcane Accessories Male Mage Robe Fix
Creation Club Arcne Accessories - Disenchant Robes (Included in J.Russles all-in-one or Arcane accessories patch)
Creation Club Arcane Accessories - Only Rare Books Quest Reward (Included in J.Russles all-in-one or Arcane accessories patch)
Creation Club Arcane Accessories - Spell Staff (Included in J.Russles all-in-one or Arcane accessories patch)