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Samaria, a poor dreamy girl, murdered by the lust of a cruel imperial captain. Will you have the courage to face her, and perhaps even have Samaria fighting by your side?

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From Ivarstead follow the dirt path north to the river, then cross the river before the falls. Another dirt path continues on the other side through the wooded foothills on the East side of the Throat of the World. Not far along the path, an iron gate lays in the dirt where there was once an Imperial toll booth. (for fast travel just type on console "COC POIFALLFOREST25") Here starts the story of Samaria, who died in a well outside that post.

Samaria was a young girl, who worked in the place, she was the servant to a captain called Taudius,
and Taudius took a particular liking to her. In fact, he fell madly in love with Samaria, telling her that he
was going to leave his wife to be with her. But Samaria wasn’t on board with this plan,
which led to her apparent murder at the hands of the brutal captain.

One of Samaria’s first duties was to look after ten golden coins for Taudius, when he was traveling to whiterun.
Secretely the captain decided to hide one of them, and when he returned he asked the 10 coins back. She started
to count one by one, and when she saw that the last coin was missing, she started to cry and panic. The
captain then told Samaria that if she didn’t agree to have sex with him, he would blame her
for stealing the money, which would lead to her torture or execution.

In one version of the story, Samaria ended her own life by throwing herself down the tool booth’s well, believing
herself to be in a no-win situation with no other way out. In the other version, Taudius threw her down the
well after she refused to be with him.

Of course, the story doesn’t end there. Samaria was said to crawl out of the well and appear to 
Taudius on a nightly basis. Taudius was apparently driven insane by the vengeful ghost’s
incessant screams in the night; she was regularly heard counting the plates in the ruined post,
doing an intense cry whenever she realized, as she always did, that the tenth coin was still missing. 

She became obviously a type of rotten maiden, and the fact that besides the 9 gold coins, she also carries a
wedding ring, probably proves that she might have already given her heart to another man,
in the time when she was working on the imperial post.

The suffering, sadness and dispair that she feels is so big, that her simple touch
affects your attention and intelligence for some seconds, making your capacity to use spells decrease
temporarly for a short time, what makes her extremely usefull as a companion against magic user enemies.

After defeating her, and looting the ring, if you put it in your hand, you will gain the power to summon
her to help you in battle one time per day, but only when using it. 

- 1 new undead and follower: samaria, with nice battle mechanics, effects, sounds


Mihail- part of the model and textures,
re-modeling and re-texture of the other part,
sounds, effects, game implementation

Some assets used on this mod belong too:

CD PROJEKT RED- in order to save time i used and re-modeled a vanilla female
body and cloth from them in order to make samaria's model and textures