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I wanted to expand Skyrim pickpocket skills. As a result, I thought that the pickpocket skill was the skill of a person whose fingertips were dexterous, so I made this mod to copy a scroll.This mod expands pickpocket skills and adds new scrolls.
This mod requires dlc up to Hearthfire.

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Successor to this mod後継Mod  Lockpickpocket Extend 

This mod adds a chair to write in the Skyrim world.These chairs are located in  Court Wizards, general merchants, and College of Winterhold.
スカイリム の宮廷魔術師の机や、雑貨商、大学に文章を書く机が配置されます。
Some of Court Wizards, and general merchants will ask you to copy books about once a day.
By writing a document, you can earn experience values ​​for pickpocket skills.
In order to avoid losing the balance of the game, we needed a inkwell and a paperrooll to copy the scroll, and prevented the master spell scroll from being copied.
And I added an NPC that sells inkwells and paperrolls to College of Winterhold.
そして、私は、ウィンターホールド 大学にインク瓶と紙のロールを売るNPCを追加しました。

A quill is no longer required in Light fingers 1 perk.
Scrolls can be copied at Light fingers 2 perk.Depending on the skill level of pickpockets, you can create expert level scrolls.
You can make even more special scrolls at Misdirection Perk.

A disposable igniter born in the process of creating this mod and thrown away from the inventory and set up for 12 hours can also be created with this mod's special “Scroll of Survival” scroll.
Igniters can be created from Forge with 2 firewoods or 1 charcoal (large).

Since this is my first mod, there may be an error in the text expression and mod settings.
A part of the cell is modified to install a chair. This mod will not conflict with Ordinator, but if you are worried about NPC, you should fix it.