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Adds toggleable aura spells, which provide constant effects for yourself and/or nearby allies/enemies. All auras reduce your maximum magicka by a specific amount while active (upkeep cost).

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Demonstration Video:


- requires SkyUI (for MCM)
- has built-in support for Spell Research


Install via your preferred mod manager.

To add the new spells to vendors, use the provided option in MCM.


You should always make a save game with no auras active before updating the mod.

If you use spell research and an Aura update introduces new spells, please reimport the spells via the Spell Research MCM. 


Currently all spells are found in the restoration school. That might change in the future.

Aura - Armor
Increases armor

Aura - Burn Undead
Does sun damage to nearby undead

Aura - Fortify Health
Increases maximum health

Aura - Healing
Provides constant healing

Aura - Light
Creates a constant light

Aura - Resist Fire
Provides fire resist

Aura - Resist Frost
Provides frost resist

Aura - Resist Magic
Provides magic resist

Aura - Resist Shock
Provides shock resist

Aura - Strength
Increases attack damage

Aura - Turn Undead
Nearby undead flee