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DarkMaster06 and Pymous

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Finally a SSE overhaul of the four orc strongholds! Based on immersive settlements, this mod expands, fixes and finishes the pymous view on orc strongholds.

Permissions and credits
Original work:  Immersive Settlements by Pymous

Permission: "No problem you can use any part of my original mod and even modify it like you want."

If you like this mod, check my other mod:  Dark's Whiterun Market, Dark's Merge of Armors from the Gods and Dark's Proudspire Manor TNF Beds Plus (and more)

-- Modified of the 4 orc strongholds: Dushnik Yal, Largashbur, Mor Khazgur and Narzulbur - scrip-free and lore friendly-
- Added a few structures/houses
- Added 6 NPC (with AI package!) - 2 in Dushnik Yal, 1 in Largashbur and 3 in Mor Khazgur
- Added furniture and immersive details
Note: this mod doesnt edit any interior.
Also, besides adding some items/interiors for the small houses/fixes/AI packages to the original mod, i also removed a NPC and some edits/small houses that felt out of place imo.

What i'll do:
- Fix bugs (i didnt had any beta tester, soo it's likely to be a few to find and solve)
- If i missed any major patch, since none is needed AFAIK, i might do that.

Compatibility list:

No incompatible mods AFAIK (unless immersive citizens also edits this area, then it's an exception)

Current patch list and load order:


Q: Is this fps friendly?
A: Yes! :O (at least it is for me)

Q: Why have u done this?
A: After finishing the whiterun market ppl asked me to do this mod and here it is!

Q: Are you gonna port the any other mod from immersive settlements?
A: There is plenty of mods that already edit those areas, soo i dont feel that is needed, unlike with this mod.

Q: Can i use this mod with (insert mod here):
A: Hum. Maybe? xD

Q: Can i make a patch for this mod/make the NPC's prettier?
A: Sure! Just tell me, so i can link the mod in this description.

If u like, please endorse.
Also, any bug, plz report!