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This mod adds sleeves and pants to hide, studded leather, and scaled armor pieces.

Permissions and credits
Due to popular demand, with the permission of Ondrea and FranklinZunge, I have updated the meshes from this mod with ousnius's SSE NIF Optimizer and re uploaded the armors so that they may work in SSE.

For those interested, Brigandage and Common Clothes have been re uploaded.

This mod adds sleeves and pants to leatherhide, studded and scaled (horn AND no horn versions) armor pieces.

There are 2 versions of these armors:
  • Replacer: Replaces the vanilla armors.

  • Standalone: Adds them as new armors (without replacing the vanilla ones). These are, for now, only acquired with smithing and are NOT (yet) integrated in the leveled lists.

Armors used in this compilation, made by FranklinZunge:

Studded Chainmail
Scale and Fur
Jehennian Leather Cuirass
Hide Armor With Sleeves


Download with NMM and customize your installation (recommended).

  • Replacer: Drop the textures folder on your Data folder; if you want all the armors to be replaced, also drop the meshes folder on your Data folder; if you want to pick which ones are replaced, check this image.

  • Standalone: Drop the meshes and textures folders on you Data folder, drop the the esp files you want on your Data folder (the esp names are self-explanatory; the Warmth "Armors Standalone.esp" adds all armors to the game at once, use the other esp files if you wish to add them separately).



Uninstall with NMM (recommended).

Check the 7z archive and delete the files you extracted to your data folder.

The armor replacer is incompatible with any mod that touches the mentioned armors' meshes. Texture mods should be compatible.
The standalone armors are compatible with every mod in the universe.

Since the mod's assets are not mine, if you wish to to use them get the rightful owner's permission.

FranklinZunge for the the actual armors included in this compilation.
Ondrea for the compilation that I ported to SSE.
ousnius for his wonderful tool.
ShooD for his tutorial on how to fix meshes.
Bethesda for the game.