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you have high defintion textures but ropes are still looking ugly or artificial ? my hd rope texture with finer details is the solution!
it includes all vanilla any manny gt woodposts, barrels, ships, riften, markarth and solstheim ropes, medieval lanterns and skyrim 3D docks. use with smim recommended

Permissions and credits
+++ please refer to my user profile about me page and follow my recommendations how to use my mods as an addition to nexusmods terms +++

Resized and exclusively designed  HD (2048x256) rope texture and normal map for skyrim.
including ships, riften and markarth rope textures and changes solstheim ropes too
until there are changes necessary i use the same textures as in oldrim.
some mod use it's own file path or textures. in this case you may let me know or you can try to replace (a fitting!) texture manually.

v2.1 includes now medieval lanterns and skyrim 3D docks and boardwalks

load order:
medieval lanterns
skyrim 3D docks
better ropes

Just copy texture folder into the data folder or use mod organizer and thats it.
After installation archive invalidation is recommended or simply use a mod manager, i recommend mo.
as this is a texture replacer mod this texture should not be overwritten by another mod.

** SMIM-Mod for better rope mesh is strongly recommended. Be aware not to overwrite accidentally the smim 3d rope meshes by other mods. overwriting the smim rope mesh will probably lead to flat, non 3D ropes in game.
let my mod overwrite the smim and other rope changing mods textures!

you may watch my other sse mods here.

Enjoy realistic and detailed ropes ;)