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SSE port of my follower mod Saber Arthuria from Skyrim Legendary Edition.

Permissions and credits
This mod adds Saber Arthuria Pendragon from Fate/Stay Night as an essential and marriageable companion. She uses Two-handed weapons (obviously). She is located in Whiterun's Dragonsreach 2nd Floor (Since I can't think of anywhere suitable to throw her...=P) treating herself like the King she's supposed to be~ XD
She is equipped with her Excalibur and Armor (included in the mod). 
*Unrelated Note:
Making this port in celebration of drawing The Bunny King in FGOJP~ XD)

NOTE: Her armor and Excalibur are PURELY COSMETIC (it still serve as weapon and armor, but can't be enchanted or upgraded. They're still strong as her armor is equivalent to Dragonbone Plate set and Excalibur is equivalent to Daedric Greatsword) CAN NOW BE ENCHANTED AND UPGRADED. 

Gender: Female
Height: 0.965
Weight: 0
Race: Custom (SaberRace)
Voice: Female Young Eager
Body Type: CBBE
Class: Custom (SaberClass)
Proficiency: One-Handed, Two-Handed, Block, Heavy Armor
Known Spells: Unrelenting Force Shout, Frost Breath Shout

XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended  - By default, her armor can't be removed and doesn't have any physics but if for some "Scientific" reason it is removed, having this skeleton mod would reduce the risk for CTD.

=Not Required but HIGHLY Recommended=
Follower Commentary Overhaul - FCO - To make Saber be more talkative instead of a soulless husk following you around
My home is your home - To set change her default location to somewhere else other than her throne, i.e Whiterun's Bannered Mare so you won't have any trouble finding her after being dismissed
Immersive AFT - For a lot of additional follower functions
AreYouThere SE - Actor NPC Follower - To track her in case you can't find her after dismissing her

Use Vortex/NMM or Drop all the files in Skyrim/Data folder

=Conflicts & Bugs=
Should be none but may be possible with any mods that alters Dragonsreach interior.
On rare occasions, she might not appear where she supposed to be on first encounter. To fix this, simply save your game, quit game, and restart your game and load the save.

Ousnius and Caliente for Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Edition -CBBE-
Fizban007 for Saber's Armor
1096Bimu for Saber's Excalibur
Regenbot03 for Demoniac- High Quality Glossy Female Body Texture 8K 4K 2K
tktk1 for Enhanced Character Edit
*P/S: If experiencng any bugs, please report immediately~ Thank you for your cooperation~! =)