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Edit of NyessaX's adoptable female Argonian child named Chases-Starlight for Skyrim Special Edition.

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This is a simple conversion of the Argonian adoptable kid mod for Chases-Starlight. It has all of the issues as the original and I have no ability to edit them, but it has been tested and works like the original. Credit to NyessaX
 of course for making the mod in the first place, and Langeston for his porting walk-through, highly recommend it.

From the mod page (cleaned up description, elaborated story, and added notes):


Chases-Starlight is a young Argonian who lives in the ghettos of Windhelm. After losing her parents, she found nowhere else to turn to but the cold stone shelter which houses her kin who work at the docks. Her life as empty as the hearts of those passing her by every day, the young girl can only dream of a place where she belongs, with close ones to look up to and follow in the footsteps of. Until the day you come, the only familial warmth she can possibly imagine will satiate her loneliness in sleep.


Hearthfire DLC


On the docks of Windhelm, next to the Argonian Assembly.

Known Issues:

Do not give her child clothes, she cannot wear them. Technically she can wear every outfit without child clothes if you play around with console commands, attempt at your own risk.