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Simple plug and play mod which upgrades vampire gameplay.

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This mod change vampire powers and stages by reversing their effect. Couple of new powers and features are also added. This means that player have "Embrace of Shadows" in stage 1 and "Vampire's Seduction" in first 3 stages. These changes apply only for player, not for npc vampires (except npc vampires gain "Resist Paralysis" too). Vampire Lord form is untouched.


  • "Vampire's Sight" last forever until toggled off.
  • "Embrace of Shadows" gives Muffle effect instead of the Night-Eye.
  • "Vampire's Servant" duration is permanent. It reanimates corpses up to level 30/21/13/6.
  • Frost resistance is 50/40/30/20%.
  • Weakness to fire is 100%. Weakness to sunlight is at the maximum 60 points at all stages. It's necessary to have serious drawbacks as vampire.
  • Sunlight affects player from 6 am to 7 pm.
  • "Vampiric Drain" has new sounds and magicka cost is 10 points per second.
  • "Vampiric Drain" and "Vampire's Seduction" spells effectiveness depends on player's level:

Level 1-5 = 10/7/4/1 = up to level 10
Level 6-10 = 12/9/6/3 = up to level 15
Level 11-15 = 14/11/8/= up to level 20
Level 16-20 = 16/13/10/= up to level 25
Level 21-25 = 18/15/12/= up to level 30
Level 26-30 = 20/17/14/11 = up to level 35
Level 31-35 = 22/19/16/13 = up to level 40
Level 36-40 = 24/21/18/15 = up to level 45
Level 41-45 = 26/23/20/17 = up to level 50
Level 46-50 = 28/25/22/19 = up to level 55
Level 51 and above = 30/27/24/21 = up to level 60


  • "Blood Sense" spell is available in stage 4.
  • "Dismiss Servant" lesser power available during all stages.
  • "Dread Cloak" power is available in stage 1 and 2.
  • "Resist Paralysis" ability.
  • "Frozen Heart" ability.
  • "Vampiric Descent" ability.
  • "Waterbreathing" ability.
  • "Vampiric Strength" ability.
  • "Supernatural Speed" ability which is active only during night.
  • Feeding restores player's health completely.
  • Corpse feeding is available in stage 4. Player have 1 game hour to feed on a slayed corpse.
  • Player disintegrates into ashpile upon dying.
  • Vigilant of Stendarr faction members are hostile against player in any stage. Quest related members of Vigilant don't attack player.


  • Fledgling = Start rank.
  • Blooded = 20 days as a vampire.
  • Mistwalker = 60 days as a vampire.
  • Nightstalker = 120 days as a vampire.
  • Ancient = 200 days as a vampire.
  • Volkihar = 300 days as a vampire.


  • Fledgling = Nothing.
  • Blooded = 8% normal weapon resistance. "Vampiric Drain" absorbs stamina in addition of health.
  • Mistwalker = 16% normal weapon resistance. "Embrace of Shadows" provides 25% Spell Absorption for the duration.
  • Nightstalker = 24% normal weapon resistance. Player can have two vampire servants at the same time.
  • Ancient = 32% normal weapon resistance. The effect of "Supernatural Speed" expands to daytime.
  • Volkihar = 40% normal weapon resistance. "Dread Cloak" reduces incoming damage by 50%.

Installation: Extract files to Skyrim/Data folder. Use launcher and in data files select VampireUpgrade.esp. In game, if you are already a vampire, you have to feed to get scripts run properly.

Uninstallation: Delete all files.

Compatibility: This mod is not compatible with mods that change PlayerVampireQuestScript or any custom race mods.

Credit: kieranh7 for implementing ashpile death effect for player and giving me permission to use he's script in my work. Amarutu for giving me an advice in scripting.

My mods: Lore Friendly Spells - Werewolf Upgrade - Restore Potions