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Cleans wild and dirty edits, forwards some changes from the official files. These cleaning actions can't be done automatically in SSEEdit

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  • German
Cleans wild edits in the Moon and Star master file, based on this guide. These corrections cannot be made with SSEEdit autoclean. 

- Added Hearthfires.esm as master
- Forwarded XNDP - Navigation Door Link to Moon and Star
-  XCLR - Regions were forwarded for cell 00000D74 from Dawnguard.esm
- XCWT - Water values in the following cell records were forwarded from Update.esm:
  • 00009B54
  • 00009B55
  • 00009B56
  • 00009B57
  • 00009B58
  • 00009B75
  • 00009B76
  • 00009B77
  • 00009B78
  • 00009B97
  • 00009B98
  • 00009B99
  • 00009B9A
  • 00009B9B
  • 00009BB8
  • 00009BB9
  • 00009BBA
  • 00009BBB

- Install Moon and Star, then replace it's MoonAndStar_MAS.esp plugin with mine. Done!

Optional versions: 

- USSEP Compatible cleaned plugin, same as the above but with three USSEP records forwarded for compatibility. If you use the Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch then use this version (or not, nothing will break just some minor visual inconsistencies) 

- Experimental plugin: [WARNING THIS VERSION MIGHT INTRODUCE BUGS INTO YOUR GAME] ESM flagged master file. It is a beta file only for testing. It aims to reduce the count of references and prevent CTDs and general game instability in heavy (500+ mod) load orders. This method is still not well researched, and known to cause bugs and even the mod to stop functioning. Chances are this file is OK to use, but it is untested so proceed at your own risk. Read more on this issue here.

- I am confident that sharing this fix is permissible, as I have found no other indication on the Moon and Star modpage, all original assets are still needed as this is simply a replacer plugin. If I am informed otherwise then I am happy to remove this mod with no contest.