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Adds three modes of flying transportation for skilled mages: a flying carpet, Hethoth's Floating Disk and a dwemer conveyance. Complete with collisions and low script load. Buy the spell tomes at their respective vendors or find them as loot in the world.

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  • Mandarin
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  • Three different forms of flying transportation.
  • Spells available from their respective vendors.
  • Low script load for a flying mod.
  • Supports collisions.
  • No FNIS or SKSE required.


Hethoth's Floating Disk

With average speed and agility, this is your default form of flying transportation. Equips the Detect Life power, allowing you to avoid hostiles that could shoot you out of the sky at the expense of Magicka.

Adept level Alteration spell. Available as Adept level spell tome from loot, and can be purchased from Adept or higher Alteration vendors (Tolfdir, Wylandriah) if your Alteration skill is high enough.

Flying Carpet

Very fast and accelerates rapidly, but has a large turning radius, making it more suitable for cross country travel. Equips the Favorable Winds power, which grants a short speed boost at the expense of Magicka.

Expert level Alteration spell. Available as Expert level spell tome from loot, and can be purchased from Expert or higher Alteration vendors (Tolfdir) if your Alteration skill is high enough.

Dwarven Recon Platform

This Dwarven invention turns very quickly and hovers up and down faster than the others, but has a slower top speed. Equips the Bthan Bombardment power, which launches projectiles at anyone in the target area at the expense of Magicka.

Adept level Alteration spell. Can be purchased from Calcelmo only.


Each flying conveyance automatically equips two concentration spells and a power.

Cast the concentration spells to steer or move forwards by casting both at once, similar to tank controls. Activate crouch mode to move automatically without having to hold down a button while you can still steer with the spells. Look up or down to climb or descend; if stationary, this allows you to hover up or down vertically. The power button triggers a special effect.

To land, come to a stop and look down to descend to ground level. Alternatively, lower your hands to dispel the spell immediately - just make sure you are flying low or above water.

Incoming enemy attacks and collisions with the environment will cause your conveyance to explode, knocking you off.

On script load and stability

Flying mods are notoriously script heavy and buggy, but The Miracle of Flight takes steps to ensure low script load.

While in the air, a script runs 4 times per second. This is a conservative value that adds up to lower script load than most real time looping scripts in other mods, and much lower script load than some combat mods with on-hit effects. Moreover, the script is optimised for performance (rather than, say, conciseness or clarity), minimising the number of function calls.

If your load order results in excessive script load that would affect performance, an error message is displayed. You may want to reduce the number of heavily scripted mods in your load order.