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A Fantasy ENB With Presets for Vivid Weathers, COT, NAT and Dolomite. Vanilla preset included, optional DOF.

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(It is pronounced Sern, not Ky-Ern)
These pictures look beautiful! Thanks so much!
This looks good on my monitor. I'm using it with the suggested mods and some re shade preset. it looks amazing. i don't even feel the need to tweak it. thanks.
BLACK TREE PROBLEM - The Black and White settings should be turned to their default (it's 0 for some and 1 for others) and then contrast, gamma, saturation etc should be changed to get the same image.
I'll probably get around to updating soon enough, one or two days maybe. 

Thank you for looking at Cyrn ENB!
Cyrn ENB Is a Fantasy ENB and was one of the first ENBs made for Skyrim Special Edition.

I was looking over it yesterday and I realized that I didn't really like, so I decided to turn it into something that I would actually use. 

I spent yesterday and today looking for effects that I didn't even know existed and I have turned it into something I like. This ENB has 5 Different Presets for Different Weather Mods.

Which Preset Should I choose?
Choose Climates Of Tamriel If
You like a bit more sharpness and a little bit less Brightness, Saturation and Contrast.

Choose Dolomite Weathers If
You like a little bit more Brightness, and a little bit more blue.

Choose Natural Atmospherics Tamriel If
You like Realism, this preset is arguably the most realistic of the five.

Choose Vivid Weathers If
You like Colour, this Preset has a little bit more colour than the others, and resembles the Old Cyrn ENB a little bit more.

Choose Vanilla If
You like the original look that Bethesda created; this preset doesn't change as much but still adds some colour and sharpening.

Mod List:

Enhanced Lights and FX - Required

ELE (1.2) - Required (Let is Overwrite ELFX)

Realistic Water Two



Fantasy Tree Overhaul - Fall Edition (Make Sure to get SFO Patch)

Simply Bigger Trees (Make sure to Get Fantasy Tree Patch)

Realistic Aspen Overhaul (Make sure to get Simply Bigger Trees Patch)


Noble Skyrim, and the SSE patch and SMIM Patch

Vivid Landscapes


Dolomite Weathers:






Step 1:

Download the Skyrim Special Edition ENB Files from (If you can't find the download button, just click "News", you should see it then. Then you just scroll down, look for Skyrim Special edition and download V. 310 Beta

Step 2:
Once the files are downloaded, extract them, open the file, open the Wrapper Version and put d3d11.dll and d3dcompiler_46e.dll into the Skyrim Special Edition ROOT Folder (Where Skyrim Special Edition.exe is located)

Step 3: 
Download my files, choose your preset and put them in the ROOT Folder. (Where Skyrim Special Edition.exe is located)

Step 4: 
Now, go into your INI files (Located in Documents, My games, Skyrim Special Edition) and open skyrimprefs.ini. Under [Display] make sure BShadowsOnGrass, bDrawLandShadows and bTreesReceiveShadows set to 1.

Step 5:
Make sure you have the Required (and the recommended mods, if you want them) installed, and have fun.


If you want DOF, just download the preset you want and then go into the DOF folder in the downloaded file, and choose the preset you chose, and place that into your Skyrim Special Edition Root Folder.