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This is a basic follower mod with a few tweaks to try and make the follower more interesting. the follower can be found in the Jorrvaskarr mead hall chatting with the Circle Members and going about her day.

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Hey Guys!

This is the first ever mod i worked on, so please do give it a try.

This mod simply adds a follower to the game that can be found going about her day and mingling with the Circle members in the Jorrvaskarr Mead Hall of the Companions in Whiterun.

The purpose of making this mod was to study if it was possible to show some form of adaptive behaviour in followers using what resources were available in the creation kit.

in all honesty, the mod is nowhere near complete as i have so many plot ideas and other behaviour related elements i wanna incorporate so you can expect some big updates coming to it hopefully sooner than later.

For now, Her name is rexley, and she is a redguard and she will follow you on adventures. she does have a bit of a case of the dramatic so her personality changes based on who she has been spending a lot of time with.

Key Features:
right now the people who affect her are just the Circle members.
1. When having spent too much time with Aela, she is happy and helpful and prefers Aela's Combat style
2. When with Vilkas, she gets into a bit of state of depression and sleeps her day away. you'd probably not wanna take her on an adventure in that state as shes probably gonna cower somewhere in a corner.
3. With Farkas, she is quite the opposite, gets angry so resorts to training all day to blow off some steam. prefers brutish combat style so probably at her tankiest
4. Skjor is kinda like her "Boss" so she mellows down to an average melee companion with a neutral mood. 

1. So Far, I have only encountered one bug with Open Cities Skyrim. The follower ends up using the magical glitch rocks to go to the "alternate Whiterun" and train there. Due to this she becomes hard to find as she doesn't return unless she has to sleep.

please do let me know if you notice any. honestly i wouldn't know how to fix them, but i'd like to try.

Copy the contents of the Data folder to the Skyrim Special edition data folder

Follow the Instructions of the manager

1. When you click on install, you'll wanna select select manual in the pop up that appears in MO2.
2. right click the "TestARexley" folder and select "set data directory"
3. you will then see a "Data" folder, right click it and select "set data directory"

Having done this, you should see a green "looks good" at the bottom left of the window. click okay and then tick the box next to the mod name in the left pane and then you are good to go.

in hindsight, anyone who uses MO2 would probably know this already so... sorry for the unnecessary explanation.

Delete the folders and files that were copied over to the data folder during installation

Just right click and remove mod and follow the manager instructions.