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this armor does not support cbbe or unp bodies but it will work in game with no problems i'm looking for someone to add body slides for cbbe and unp as patch if you do just send me a message .

Permissions and credits

This armor mod from yurica it adds Sovereign's Slayer Armor  set in game with greatsword too, this armor and weapon completely 
been overhauled from ground up with improved textures and lightning properties also improved, armor and weapon comes with 
4k texture also added 6 new different colors you can choose from fomod also added hdt to skirt .


 Armor and weapon set can be crafted under the Daedric category.
They can also be fully improved in the workbench
if you are too lazy than use Ultimate Mod Explorer to find armors in game 

(MOD Requirements For SKYRIM SE)

1-Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE64)

2-XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Extended

3-hdt SSE Physics by Hydrogensays
4-hdt SSE HIGH HEELS by Hydrogensays

5-hdt SSE Framework by Hydrogensays

 7-AddItemMenu - Ultimate Mod Explorer to find armors in game 

8-UNP Female Body Renewal - OPTIONAL


just installed through any mod manager you like 

 i have permission thanks to yurica

big thanks to all who support me and to mod authors worked on cbbe please give them all credit .
yurica (as the original author).
THBossGamer for the textures and HDT-SMP for Skirt.
Jeir for sculpting to base body, BodySlide sliders (incl. manual editing), edited plugin and WordArt.
docteure (myself) for fixing "baby" gauntlets, bone weight (incl. manual editing), edited plugin, and quality control.
ousniusJeirCaliente (CBBE team).
MithosSWE for HDT-SMP troubleshooting.
Kuro89ScarletStreak, and starkhark for screenshots.

original mod from skyrim LE:

Creation Kit 
outfit studio 
SSE NIF Optimizer
NifSkope SSE 
Assets Optimizer
3ds max


thanks to (yurica)