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Very high quality retexture of the regular Skyrim werewolf.

This mod aims to provide a Full-HD standard asset for the Bethesda-style werewolves with a new set of textures.

Permissions and credits
A mod for all of us who like the Bethesda werewolf style, but wanted a high-fidelity texture or are annoyed that its textures don't match the art style of the rest of the game. There is an optional 2K version, and an optional blood-red eye replacer for the werewolves.

The version 2 update of the mod marks an almost complete remake of this mod, with new textures created in Substance Painter, using the old version as reference. Colour space has been made accurate to the vanilla Skyrim werewolf, while providing a distinct visual clarity with better utilization of the space available on the texture with new specular masks, transformation masks, and normal maps; on top of fixing bugs and issues with previous versions.

My other werewolf-related mods
  • "Werewolf Pants" - Makes werewolves have pants. Not much more to explain than that.

If you ever need any help, have any immediate questions, or just want to keep up with what else I'm working on, then consider joining my Discord server: