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Tired to see your Housecarls waiting for you at your home ? Now they won't wait idly and go wandering. Change the schedule of all Housecarls when they are not your follower.

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Free Housecarls


Change the schedule of all Housecarls when they are not your follower. It changes only the weekend nights of Heartfire Housecarls, 'cause they have a house to guard and one billion other things to do. Otherwise, Argis, Iona, Jordis, Calder and the legendary Lydia will go to the market for you, train for you, spy for you, and of course drink until late to forget you.

Every first day of the month, your Housecarls all come celebrate at Whiterun Inn and drink all the night talking about you. Or at least they try, and sometimes they die trying to reach the inn. Hey, life's difficult without you.

It's a small mod, it does nothing about appearances of anything else but only change the Housecarls schedules, and it's script free so you can install/uninstall it without worries.

The 5 principals Housecarls go train in the morning, take a tour to the market, go eat to the inn, relax and read something after that, take care of your horses or your equipment the afternoon, and finish the day in the tavern.
The weekend, they go to the temple the morning, then make a visit to the keep the Saturday afternoon, and attends personals matter the Sunday afternoon.
The 3 Heartfire Housecarls are attending your house the week and so their schedule is not affected, but they will do other things the weekends.

Changes from USSEP are forwarded. Compatible with CRF.
For complex mods which explicitly change Housecarls, see Sticky Post.

A word for Housecarls Have Live, from which this mod was inspired, but sadly the mod seems to be abandoned, and it changes other things in addition of the schedule, which i didn't want because there is tons of better mod for that (appearances, clothing, etc), so I've done a lightweight alternative for those who seeks a minimalist approach.

Requires USSEP.