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This Mod adds heat sources from »Campfire« to fires provided by »CLARALUX«, making them usable for people running »Frostfall«.

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If you're using CLARALUX with Frostfall, you've probably tried to use one of the new roadside firepits to warm up at some point - only to realize that CLARALUX fires don't act as a heat source. That's a shame since every bit of warmth might help someone to get around the frozen regions of Skyrim. Also - it's a bit annoying to freeze to death standing right next to a Giant bonfire.

This Mod adds heat sources from Campfire to open fires provided by CLARALUX, making them usable for adventurers during Frostfall.

It does so by adding »CampfireHeatsourceOverrideNormal« from Campfire to 261 locations that reference an open CLARALUX fire. This provides an invisible heat source that warms the player to "Comfortable" level under any condition. For CLARALUX-provided Giant bonfires (19 locations) »CampfireHeatsourceOverrideWarm« is used, which is able to warm the player to "Warm" under any condition.

Campfire/Frostfall Modders tutorial for reference  : Skyrim Survival | Compatibility (Modders).

The scope of this mod are only the open fireplaces (plus torches) added by CLARALUX. Lanterns don't provide enough heat. If you think I missed an instance, feel free to post a bug report with the location and RefID of the fire in question. You can find out the RefID by opening the console and clicking on the flames. Install More Informative Console to get this information about the selected element.


  • This mod consists of only an esl flagged plugin - i.e. it's not counting towards the plugin limit.
  • The load order shouldn't really matter - you just have to have CLARALUX, Frostfall and Campfire installed. If in doubt, load after those.