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Adds several smelters in towns and cities that don't have them.

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As the subtitle indicates, this is yet another mod adding smelters to the game. While there are plenty of other options to choose from, I still felt I needed one that
  • strictly adds smelters and nothing else;
  • doesn't touch navmesh, preserving maximum compatibility;
  • uses existing navcuts, or places the smelters on navmesh edges, so that NPCs will never get stuck trying to "cross" them.

So, why does Adrianne in Whiterun have a smelter close by to work with, but most other smiths in Skyrim don't? My point was that it makes sense for smiths to have them, because smelters are versatile hardware that allow them both to make use of rough ore and to break down old or defective gear. For that reason and, most of all, because it's convenient to the player, I added smelters to Riften, Solitude, Falkreath and Riverwood. No new smelters in towns that don't have smiths; no smelter in the Sky Forge (Eorlung can rely on Adrianne's, why not? One per town/city is enough, surely?).

Many town overhauls, such as JK's Skyrim, already add smelters to all of these places. If you use them, you don't need this. If you use ETaC - Expanded Towns and Cities, which adds smelters to only some of the locations covered by this mod, you may still want to install the remaining smelters from this mod - to that purpose, modular light plugins are provided. Bottom line: check your mod build, install only what you want/need.

I also provided a file adding a smelter to Morthal - made it for Interesting NPCs (non Nexus link), because this mod adds a smith there, but no smelter, so I called it a 3dNPC add-on; but it can pretty much be used without 3dNPCs, if you really need to have a smelter in Morthal (where there is no blacksmith). The smelter's location may look strange, but I chose to stick with my intention of using existing nav cuts and that was the closest place that fit the bill. Think of it as Falion's crematorium, if you will.

Also included are smelters for Arthmoor's The Fall of Granite Hill and Arthmoor's Rorikstead. In the future, more smelters may come to other locations.

As you will have realised by now, the goal of this mod was to "keep it simple". I did minor adjustments to clutter around the smelters so that everything still makes sense. The smelters were carefully placed so they fit either in existing navmesh gaps, or in corners that don't lead anywhere, so that no navmesh edits were needed to avoid NPCs getting stuck while trying to navigate. The idle markers are in the navmeshed area, so NPCs will use these smelters if their AI package allows (for example, backsmiths will use them during their work hours, and followers or other npcs may use them as idle markers. I placed them close enough to the heading markers for blacksmiths' AI that they will use the smelters, as well as the rest of their workshop tools.

Besides making no navmesh edits, this mod also makes no landscape edits. This ensures maximum compatibility, with the caveat that one smelter (Falkreath) is placed over grass. If this bothers you, don't install that module. In some cases I moved some rocks or flora around, to improve the consistency of the site. The changes were minimal. This mod aims at being practical, rather than aesthetical, but I tried my best to lay things out consistently.

This mod should be loaded before mods that make changes to cell records, such as Realistic Water Two, or weather mods.

All files are light plugins, and all can be safely merged. DON'T INSTALL BOTH the COMPLETE plugin AND any of the modular plugins. Either install the complete file, or any combination of modules, otherwise, you'll have duplicate references. Nothing that would crash your game, just a waste of resources.

Enjoy! If you like the mod and keep it in your LO, don't forget to leave your endorsement. Thank you!