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A humble (ongoing) attempt to fix various visual bugs/issues I've noticed in Moon and Star SE.

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I've noticed various visual bugs/issues in the mod Moon and Star SE and am collecting the fixes I make here.

All files are flagged as ESLs and so will not count toward your plugin limit.

These mods require Moon and Star and should be loaded after it.

'MAS Landscape Fixes'  aims to fix various issues in the landscaping around Little Vivec by adding and repositioning various rocks and cliffs and one fern. In addition, by default MAS makes tall bridges by placing one bridge on top of another bridge flipped upside down. This often causes unsighlty gaps and see-through posts (see images). This file removes those upside down bridges (and various ropes attached to them) and replaces them with new rock formations under the water. This mod does not edit the actual ground landscape nor does it edit any navmeshes.

'MAS Books Fix' aims to fix an issue occuring with a copy of the Lusty Argonian Maid Vol. 2 floating in the water (see images) and a copy of Vol. 1 not being visible (by default it is positioned under a rock). This mod instead places both books nearby on a rock to avoid these issues.

If you notice any problems with these mods please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thanks go out to the creators of MAS and SSEEdit!