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Looking for a way to gain perk points and more gold to spend?
Give this mod a shot.

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This mod changes the bounty scripts so you will be rewarded with more gold and perk points, in a way that won't break the balance. Here are the changes:

Bandit and Forsworn: 300 gold and 1 perk point
Giant: 500 gold and 1 perk point
Dragon: 1000 gold and 2 perk points

Notice: Gold reward will remain the same for on-going bounty quests but you'll still get extra perk points. Just get new ones and be amazed.
And this mod DOESN'T change anything from the Companions, Thieves Guild or other factions. The "bounty" quests are those you get from innkeepers and/or Jarls' stewards.

Sorry, guys. I can't make an Oldrim version because 32-bit Creation Kit doesn't show script codes for me. I can't edit those scripts.
";codes not loaded," said CK. In his disappointment, HCHS63rdWilson closed the program.
● Download and install with your Nexus Mod Manager. It should be easy enough.

● Uninstall with your NMM. If you still don't feel secure, you can try:
● Delete Perk Points and More Gold for Bounty Quests.esp in your Data folder and BQScript.pexQF_BQ01_00095125.pexQF_BQ02_000BD77F.pexQF_BQ03_000BD78C.pex, and QF_BQ04_000CBA9A.pex in your Data/Scripts folder.

This mod is also available in other languages:

Well, you don't need to hunt down dragons to convert their souls anymore.

Story behind this mod, can be ignored:

Skyrim is an excellent RPG and we need perks for character builds. But as you have leveled up many skills, you will be in the need of more perk points to spend. So you'll start looking for mods which allow you to gain perk points. I searched on Nexus and I only found mods that convert dragon souls into perk points, or that are just cheats. Dragon souls, to me, are important. I need them to unlock shouts and tap into the meaning of being a Dragonborn. I know later in the game you can have extra souls with all shouts unlocked, but I think there can be a better way.
Then I thought of another game I like: Far Cry Primal. In FCP, I can get skill points from side missions. So I was wondering if I can have the same feature in Skyrim SE. After a few hours and times of looking up on Creation Kit site and testing in game, I finally got it to work. I'm a stranger to CK scripting so I have to make sure that I don't fuck up the scripts. So here it is. I'm still not sure if I need that esp file, but I put it in here anyway.
Anyway, we have purpose to do bounty quests again now. Yay! I seldom do bounty quests because they are boring in my opinion and I don't get paid much for the work. Furthermore, I need more perk points to strengthen my character. This mod solves two problems at once. Fuck yeah!

Hope you guys enjoy.