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Ever found it weird that dragons, fully sapient beings, have never spoken a word while you’re doing your best trying to defeat them? This mod changes that.

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This mod reuses some vanilla voice lines to make dragons speak during combat, so they feel like sentient creatures instead of just mere beasts. I recently started a new game and was surprised that Mirmulnir actually said something during the fight, because I didn’t remember that at all from my other playthrough. And most of those lines aren’t anything special either, just generic combat talk. I can see where the devs were trying to go with making quest related dragons more unique by adding dialogue, but in the end, you fight those few dragons once (or not at all if you choose not to do the main quest), and all the rest you battle on a daily basis are silent. There are mods that enable voice lines for shouting, but I haven’t seen anything that adds dialogue.

There are a few completely generic lines that will be used regardless of the dragon’s target, and some additional ones that refer to the Dovahkiin – those will be used alongside the generic ones when the dragon is targeting the player, and you’ve spoken to the Greybeards (MQ105).

Paarthurnax, Alduin and Odahviing have unique voices, so they won’t use those lines. You’re not going to see the first two in combat outside quests anyway (unless you have mods that spawn enemies such as SOT and they happen to spawn someone on the Throat of The World, but that is very rare, and I don’t think Paarthurnax has combat lines that don’t refer to Alduin). Odahviing doesn’t have generic combat lines that don’t refer to the player or shouting, so I only added the shouting ones and they’ll be used if he’s targeting another dragon. I set the chance for it relatively low so it’s not too repetitive.

A few more details about the lines:

Other Versions

LE – ported by FierySnowman and EmeraldShadow

Video Previews – made by ShenziSixaxis and hodegar – thank you so much!

Manual Installation

Unpack the archive into your Skyrim Special Edition\Data folder.


I only overwrote one record (CreatureDialogueDragon), which has minimal use, so it should be compatible with anything. Dragons added by mods (e.g. Diverse Dragons, Deadly Dragons etc.) will also speak as long as they use vanilla “CrDragonVoice” (which I’m fairly sure all dragons with no custom voice lines use).

To clarify, if you want to ask “Will this be compatible with X?”, the answer is yes, I’m 90% sure about that. If you have mods with dragons with custom voices, they won’t use dialogue lines from my mod, but they won’t prevent dragons with “CrDragonVoice” from using them.
If you’re wondering what I changed, I modified the condition in CreatureDialogueDragon to check for a list of dragon voices instead of just “CrDragonVoice” in order to enable lines for Odahviing (his voice is “CrUniqueOdahviing” so the old condition checking for “CrDragonVoice” would always return false). Other records in my mod don’t overwrite anything, they only refer to the CreatureDialogueDragon quest.

It’s probably worth mentioning that my mod is flagged as ESL, which means it won’t contribute to the plugin limit of 255.

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