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After breaking a lock-pick, the new lock-pick is placed at the same angle where the last one broke.

Permissions and credits
Author's note: this is an update to OnlyIWeDo's Remember Lockpick Angle with support for newer Skyrim SE versions. That file's permissions read, "Anyone is free to redistribute this mod and/or host it on other sites." If the original author would like to assume control of the latest version, they should message me, and I will take this mod down.
Source code available on my Github.

The Problem

When you break a lock-pick in vanilla, the new lock-pick will be placed at the default angle which can make finding your last attempt pretty difficult, especially on higher difficulty locks and if you don't use a better interface texture to help gauge the angle.

The Solution

Now when you break a pick, the new one will be placed at the same angle as the last one when it broke. This removes the tedium of finding the position of the last attempt.


MO2/Nexus/Vortex: Install like any other mod
Manual: Pop it into your Skyrim SE Data folder


If you would like your player's amnesia treatments to be postponed until after they've gained a perk, you now can!
Edit SKSE\Plugins\RememberLockpick.ini.
By default, it will look something like this:

requiredPerk = 0
modName = NONE

To make it require the Novice Locks perk from vanilla, you would edit it to look like this:

requiredPerk = F392A
modName = Skyrim.esm

modName should be the file corresponding to the first 2 (or 5 for ESL) digits of the address - so if it is injected into Update.esm (01) you would use Update.esm, or if it is an override of a vanilla perk (00) you would use Skyrim.esm.
requiredPerk is the relative address of the PERK entry - everything in the address other than the mod index.
ESL mod indices will be detected automatically, only add the relative address (last 3 digits).

Any detected errors will be output to My Documents\My Games\Skyrim Special Edition\SKSE\RememberLockpickAngle.log, and you will be able to see there if it has found your perk successfully.


Compatible with everything.


Address Library for SKSE Plugins

The same plugin works on both SE (1.5) and AE (1.6) versions!