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A vanilla plus mod with 10 new circlets that fill in missing gemstone and metal combinations, from Copper and Emerald to Gold and Sapphire, integrated into the circlet leveled list so you can find them on your travels. All genders and beast races fully supported. Also includes a bug fix for Argonian Copper and Onyx Circlets.

Permissions and credits
Extended Circlet Pack is a mod to round out the circlets you can find on your adventures. It includes 10 new circlets with full support for female and male characters as well as Argonians and Khajiit.

Looking for more vanilla rings and amulets? Try my Extended Amulet and Ring Pack!

New Content

Copper and Emerald Circlet – 250 G

Jade and Onyx Circlet – 150 G
Jade and Moonstone Circlet – 200 G
Jade and Ruby Circlet – 250 G

Silver and Onyx Circlet – 250 G
Silver and Ruby Circlet – 350 G
Silver and Emerald Circlet – 450 G

Gold and Onyx Circlet – 350 G
Gold and Moonstone Circlet – 400 G
Gold and Sapphire Circlet – 500 G


Prices: All prices for vanilla circlets were entered into a table and compared to find patterns. Silver and Moonstone Circlets and Gold and Emerald Circlets received a minor 50G buff to their price to compensate for a discrepancy and even out the balance in the rest of the chart. Enchanted circlets based on those also received a price increase.

Leveled Items: The levels for the vanilla circlets have been left intact. Placement of the new circlets attempts to match the balance of the vanilla items. The new leveled list for unenchanted jewelry looks like this:

1Copper Onyx
2Copper Moonstone
3Copper Ruby
3Jade Onyx
4Copper Sapphire
4Jade Moonstone
5Copper Emerald
5Jade Ruby
5Silver Onyx
8Silver Moonstone
12Jade Sapphire
16Jade Emerald
16Silver Ruby
16Gold Onyx
20Silver Sapphire
20Gold Moonstone
24Gold Ruby
24Silver Emerald
26Gold Sapphire
28Gold Emerald

Bug Fixes

In vanilla Skyrim, the Copper and Onyx Circlet meshes used by Argonians erroneously use the textures and shading properties intended for gold circlets. Extended Circlet Pack provides two corrected meshes.


Compatible with mods that don't add the same new circlets.
Compatible with mods that replace the vanilla circlet textures, since these use vanilla texture paths.

Partially compatible with mods that change circlet meshes. Nothing will break, but I've only made vanilla versions of these circlets and currently don't foresee time to edit another 70 meshes.

If you use a mod that edits the circlet leveled list, you'll need to bash a patch.


Q: Legendary Edition?

A: Separate download in the same file page. Download manually and use your favorite installer.