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Prevents the mysterious, pesky Dwemer Gatekeepers from re-closing what you left opened. Gates, passages, portcullises, bridges, barred doors and whatnots no longer reset when the cell does.
Skyrim and DLCs. ---- "Dwemer-only" and "complete" versions. ---- Requires USSEP ---- .esl - ESM - ESP-FE - ESP

Permissions and credits
  • Ukrainian
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • French
Load order tip: load as high as possible, ideally right after USSEP.
This allows other mods to override this records, should they edit the same references for their own purposes.
That's why the .esl or ESM-flagged options are the recommended ones.
You'll obviously miss the no-respawn flag on the conflicting forms, but you can't have a full bottle and a tipsy lass at the same time.

Two versions.
The classic one includes only Dwemer locations in Skyrim and DLCs.
The complete one includes all Skyrim and DLC locations, Dwemer and not.

I have added all the barred doors, gates, grates, portcullises, and bridges I could find -- in case I've missed some [not so improbable], anyone is welcome to helpfully point them out.