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A near-complete overhaul of the (very) poor navmeshing in the venerable Moonpath to Elsweyr Mod. Also includes terrain, placement fixes, bounds, and a new sand texture (4k). Compatible with pretty much every other M2E file out there.

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 Moonpaths navmeshing, is rather poor. No really. NPCs are constantly trying to push their way through walls, rocks, trees, objects in almost every cell of the mod. This is because, the navmesh itself was not well constructed in many locations, It runs under objects, terrain, walls, is buried, floating etc in numerous locations. In addition some cells and locations, the navmesh was limited and constrained in places, and did not fully utilize all the available space.

This file overhauls almost every cell in Moonpath so NPC's can now navigate without constantly getting hung up on [everything], and they will now be able to move about with somewhat greater freedom than before. 

Additional Fixes

Updated bounds: for many of MP2E statics, npcs, ingestibles etc.
Terrain fixes: Fixed a few gaps, holes clipping terrain etc where noted. Moonpath does not have its own worldspace and  the terrain cannot be sculpted using landscape tools for a more natural and weathered look. Statics only.
Item Placement fixes and Ownership: Fixes for many non-terrain objects as well as added ownership flags for some items. MPE is bad for just giving away stacks of relatively high-value items, even though this is neither consistent with the Khajjitt generally, or even its own story-line.
Updated main sand texture (4k -4k normal): This helped a great deal. A lot of Moonpaths assets could use updating tbh. While MP2E does not have that many of its own textures and meshes,  most of them are rather dated, with most being 512/1k,  only a few being 2k. (mostly creatures).
Editor ID's redone. A  number of Moonpaths Editor ID's, were given a new prefix  > MPE_Xxxxx.
Updated meshes (non-npc), from the original using MO 3.0.13.

Fun fact.
Moonpath does not exist in its own separate worldspace. It is in fact, an extension of the TAMRIEL worldspace. All the various areas you enter, are not actually 'outdoors' in game terms, even if it appears that way. In technical terms, every Moonpath cell is basically a set of linked interior cells, or a 'cave' which has been set up to visually, appear as part of the open world. However, this is not the case. If Moonpath were being made today, It it doubtful it would be set up the way it was and likely have its own dedicated worldspace, with true separation between exterior\interior cells.

Installation *READ*

There are a number of other important bug-fixes made that address general and or specific bugs and issues in Moonpath. Installing ALL of them, will insure your Moonpath is as up-to-date as is currently possible.
These companion files are highly *Highly Recommended* for use with this file.  
So, In order to fully update and modernize Moonpath, you will require a total of 4 files installed. Yes all four.

Moonpath to Elswey SSE 1.16.1
The actual mod SSE conversion by Illiani

Unofficial Moonpath to Elsweyr Patch by JosephRussell
-General fixes for a number of MP2E issues.

Moonpath to Elsweyr Sky and Lightning fix by filloax
-An important fix that gives Moonpath a weather system, proper day and night cycles, and fixes its weird lighting templates.

Moonpath to Elsweyr Navmesh (and other) fixes
-Mainly fixes to navmesh, along with bounds, terrain and a few other assorted issues not covered by the other files.

Install all the needed resources in the following order. 

1) Moonpath to Elsweyr SSE  
2) Unofficial Moonpath Patch
3) Moonpath Navmesh fixes
4) Moonpath Sky and Lighting fix.*

*I recommend v1.1 of this file, and not the merged file.

This file fixes Moonpaths navmeshing along with some modest terrain and item placement issues. 
This file makes no changes to quests, npcs, or events related to the actual Moonpath 'world'. It makes no changes to Moonpaths Tamriel elements.

-Legacy of the Dragonborn: Compatible.
-Unoffical Moonpath Fix"  Compatible with the handful of items common to both files.
It is compatible with the other files mentioned above- only subject to proper load ordering.

About feedback, aka complaints.

If you still find instances of bad pathfinding in Moonpath, let me know where. I dont mind revisiting work I did, or, maybe I might have missed something. Skyrim path-finding is still subject to all sorts of variables that cannot always be eliminated  even with improved navmeshing. 

Things I would still like to add, or work on.

I would like to do further work updating some of the other textures and maybe meshes in the mod beyond the one sand texture currently included. Some of the jungle textures look a little stretched and low res in a few places. If anyone has any suggestions on what could use an improvement, let me know.

lliani  - Moonpath SSE conversion. Mod by muppetpuppet
JosephRussell Unoffical Moonpath Patch
filloax - for his awesome fix for Moonpaths weather and environment.
ProtologolusX - Smell of Sands resource. (Updated Sand texture)