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Extra Encounters Reborn SE is a lore-friendly mod that increases immersion in the world of Skyrim by adding various encounters.

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Extra Encounters Reborn SE is a lore-friendly mod which adds leveled and randomized encounters to the world of Skyrim. 

The goal of this mod mod is not to drastically change the Skyrim experience, but rather to add more to it.

These new encounters are frequent enough to make exploring Skyrim intense and fun, not to make Skyrim overcrowded and unrealistic. The encounters were intentionally designed to have similar traits to Bethesda's encounters, without being off-putting.

Each encounter you come across is relevant to your current location. For example, the Forsworn will not be found outside The Reach, and Stormcloak Soldiers are unlikely to be encountered near Solitude.

Encounters are created via Skyrim's predator spawns. These spawns are found throughout Skyrim, and usually create things like bears or wolves.

Some of the encounters you may come across include (but are not limited to): Bandits, Vigilants of Stendarr, Imperial soldiers, Stormcloak soldiers, Forsworn, peddlers, hunters, Thalmor justicars, mercenaries, adventurers, warlocks, vampires, and more!

Extra Encounters currently has five different versions. Two of which are full versions, and the other three allow you to choose to your liking.

-Full Version-
• Basic, Dawnguard, Dragonborn, C.S.P., H.S.R.

-Regular Version-
• Basic, Dawnguard, Dragonborn

-C.S.P. Version-
• Custom Spawn Points
• Requires: Regular Version
• Encounters are created via Skyrim's predator spawns. Each predator spawn now has a 25% chance of creating an encounter
• Encounters are also created via custom spawn points. There are 77 of these points in total, placed evenly across Skyrim
• Each custom spawn has a 50% chance of creating an encounter

-H.S.R. Version-
• Higher Spawn Rates
• Requires: Regular Version
• Encounters are created via Skyrim's predator spawns. Each predator spawn now has a 50% chance of creating an encounter
• If the C.S.P. version is enabled, each custom spawn has a 100% chance of creating an encounter

Populated Skyrim Series SE by the Sands of Time Team, Immersive World Encounters SE, Immersive Patrols SE, Improved Roads, Extended Encounters, Extra Encounters - Custom Spawn Points Version

The following section will display what changes have been made to the base game. This will help you identify any possible mod conflicts.

If there is a conflict, determine which mod is more important to you, then place the chosen mod farther down in the load order. This will result in the chosen mod taking priority over the other mod. You could also try and make them compatible. The following leveled lists have been edited:

LCharAlikrMagic     (unused in base game)
LCharAlikrMelee2H     (unused in base game)
LCharAlikrMissile     (unused in base game)
LCharAnimalForest     (unused in base game)
LCharWarlock07BossConjurer     (unused in base game)
LCharWarlock07BossFire     (unused in base game)
LCharWarlock07BossIce     (unused in base game)
LCharWarlock07BossStorm     (unused in base game)
LCharForswornBerserker     (unused in base game)
LCharForsworn06Magic     (unused in base game)
LCharForsworn06MeleeF     (unused in base game)
LCharForsworn06MeleeM     (unused in base game)
LCharForsworn06MissileF     (unused in base game)
LCharForsworn06MssileM     (unused in base game)
LCharImperialJusticiar     (unused in base game)

- Several cells within the Tamriel worldspace have custom spawns added to them (most of these additions were made away from towns & cities). There are too many changes to list here.

Peddlers, mercenaries, and adventurers may not react to interactions if you are caught pickpocketing them. This is caused by an unknown reason. It is speculated that this is ingrained into the game.


Q - Why is Extra Encounters incompatible with (insert other mod name here)?
A - If the mod information is not mentioned under the compatibility section of this description, the problem lies elsewhere. You will need to test a combination of mods, and if successful, please let me know of the results in the comments, so that I can clarify it to everyone else.

Q - Will this mod cause save bloats?
A - Each encounter will delete itself after you reach a certain distance from it or leave the cell. Dead bodies from an encounter will eventually vanish, as each encounter is set to respawn. Not only that, but each NPC & creature involved in an encounter is set so that they cannot disintegrated by lightning spells--no more ash piles lying around until the end of time.

Q - How can I tell if the mod is working?
A - Enable the mod and load any saved game. Open the console and type in "COC_ExtraEncounters". You will find yourself in a test dungeon, where there are several buttons. Pressing a button will spawn either an animal, or an encounter. Keep in mind that sometimes pressing the button will not spawn anything at all (due to some encounters having set conditions). If you are unable to spawn a single encounter from the ten available buttons, you're either extremely unlucky, or the mod is not working properly, possibly due to a mod conflict.

Q - I've looked around and I can't find any encounters. Where are they?
A - First, do not go looking for the encounters, since you are going to find yourself very bored if you do that. That is like watching paint dry. The idea is that you come across these encounters throughout your travels. Keep in mind that you may need to wait a while in order to let everything respawn first.

Q - I'm new to mods. How do I install & uninstall Extra Encounters?
A - To install, place the files in the Skyrim/Data directory or install the mod through a mod manager such as Mod Organizer 2 (MO2) and enable it. To uninstall, delete the mod in a mod manager or the files in the Data directory.

Q - If I uninstall this mod, will it cause issues with my recent saves?
A - No. It has been tested. That being said, you should always backup your saves before you activate a mod, just in case. Keep in mind that uninstalling any mod can corrupt your save.

Q - My game keeps crashing when this mod is enabled. Please help!
A - It's either a conflict with a mod, or you've accidentally got the load order wrong. Use LOOT to sort your mod load order. If the load order is correct and the problem persists, it is on your end. Refer to the compatibility section above.

Q - Can you make the spawn chance customizable?
A - No. Since the encounters do not rely on scripts, it will not happen.

Q - Can you make vampires only appear at night?
A - It has been attempted but it will not work. If anyone manages to fix it, please let me know in the comments and I will be sure to acknowledge you in the file description.

I am not the original mod author, that title belongs to SayHelloToMrBullet. I was given permission to port this mod to Skyrim Special Edition. You can find the original mod here - Extra Encounters Reborn

Please report any bugs you come across in the bugs and comments section. Finally, if you enjoy the mod, please don't forget to endorse it.