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When you get the 'Deed to Goldenglow Estate' from Gulum-Ei (dead or alive), you actually become the estate's owner. Then you can keep it, and get a modest monthly income, or sell it to Maven for a hefty sum. This doesn't make Goldenglow the umpteenth player home, it's just for immersion's sake. ESP-FE plugin.

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  • Polish
I'll begin with what this is not: it isn't another hyper-stylish, all-gadgets player home.
Personally I find this 'new player home' galore a little overwhelming, get them all and most of Skyrim is yours, you could just evict the dragons, no need to kill them.
That said, this is a small lore-friendly immersion mod.
You conquered an estate owned by a runaway guild member, you got the deed to it from a frightened Argonian pleading for his life, it's rightly yours now.
You can sleep in it, stroll around proudly, be greeted by the workers, get an income, store stuff, sell it.

The mercenaries inside the house and Aringoth are removed, if still alive.
The guards outside need to be disposed of (can't disable them without editing the TG quest, with inevitable, endless conflicts ensuing).
All the items are yours.
The bed allows for a good rest.
The containers are set to no-respawn for safe storage.
The beehives are repaired, a few farmers and beekeepers (and three chickens!) are working at the estate; they have a daily schedule and a bed to sleep in.
You get a copy of the keys, in case you're missing some.
You find the estate's monthly revenues in a strongbox inside the main bedroom (20,000/year, more or less); if you don't retrieve them, they keep accumulating.
Once the "Scoundrel's Folly" quest is completed you can bring the deed to Maven and sell the Estate for 60,000 gold; you lose the ownership, the keys, and the monthly income.

How to start
Soon after leaving Brinewater Grotto with your deed (or, if you had already got it, after carrying it around for a while in your pockets) you get the traditional "visit your new property" miscellaneous quest objective.
Going there completes the quest, that's all.

Compatibility note
If you have mods with book edits (eg. Book Covers), the deed could still be wrongly named "Goldenglow Bill of Sale" instead of "Deed to Goldenglow Estate".
I've also keyworded it 'not sellable' (I often lose important stuff in shops).
Although the mod would work in any case, I suggest to load this one after those kinds of mods.