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New tree meshes, grasses and plants.
Summer Edition means that most areas has a more summery feel, e.g the tundra is green, aspens are green.
Grass-only version available!

Permissions and credits
SFO Summer Edition. Lusher! Greener!

Changes from latest, non summer SFO

Greener and lusher version of SFO with e.g green aspens, green tundra.
Many new snowy trees
Changes to the green pines (better leaf animations, tweaks and changes to the meshes)
Many new grasses/plants, some in full 3D.
Cleaned up grasses from e.g unused strings
Trees now share same nif flags as the original Betheseda trees
8 different grasses per ground texture (previously 6)
Lots of other changes.

ToDo: more normals maps and better normal maps. More unique grasses and plants for all areas. New green pines with new animations, better LOD's (will look into 3D ones..), making the swamp area more green and lush, perhaps new trees there (my Morrowind bitter coast trees perhaps). Suggestions are welcome in the comments section. 


Q: Do i need to edit the .ini?
A: Yes or you can just download one. This is required to see all grasses that i have added. If you want to edit the .ini you already have somewhere make sure the imaxgrasspertexure is set to 8 or above.

Q: Does it make all areas in the game summery? 
A: No. The snowy regions are still snowy.

Q: Why is this mod on a separate page from SFO?
A: Because my mods has a tendency to get very cluttered in the files sections and people get confused (and i have to spend time to explain what to download.)

Q: Is this more heavy or more easy on performance in comparison to the vanilla SFO?
A: This is most likely a little bit more heavy on the performance because it has more grasses.

Q: Is this compatible with Static Mesh Improvement Mod ?
A: Yes, but i recommend overwriting with my mod. 

Q: Can i use this with Skyrim 3D Trees and Plants?
A: Yes, i would recommend the Summer version that includes terrain, plants, grass. But probably do not overwrite his plants with mine. It seems like there is also a "Plants only" version which would work with the Complete version of Summer Edition II, again i would probably advice to not use the plants from Summer Ed II.