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Moves Word Walls that were tied to the major questline and faction quests into locations that the player can reach so that all Word Walls are available.

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Word Walls Relocated -Special Edition-


Word Walls Relocated is a mod that does just that, it relocates Word Walls that are locked behind quests which are associated with factions such as the Companions, the Thieves Guild, and the ones locked behind the main questline so that you can access them without needing to do said quests. This makes it so that your mage character needn't join the Companions, and your warrior character needn't associate with the Dark Brotherhood just to get access to the shouts they want to get to.

I created this mod because I found that there are very few mods that did this, the ones that I did find were either out-of-date, added unnecessary content, or simply didn't cover enough Word Walls to be considered worthwhile, thus, I started work on this mod.

Where have you moved the Word Walls?

The locations that the Word Walls have been moved to are as follows:

Base game                                                        

Snowveil Sanctum- Ansilvund
Saarthal- Frostflow Lighthouse
Labyrinthian- Blind Cliff Cave
Dustman's Cairn- Yngvild
Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary- Lost Knife Hideout 
Korvanjund- Kjenstag Ruins
Skuldafn- Halldir's Cairn 
Ysgramor's Tomb- Serpent Stone   

Ustengrav- Sundered Towers


Dimhollow Crypt - Shadowgreen Cavern

Forgotten Vale - Gjukar's Monument


Vahlok's Tomb - Horker Island

Note: If you don't know where these locations are, click the text highlighted in blue and it'll tell you where they are.


To install this mod using the provided FOMOD installer, all you need to do is download it using a mod manager of your choice, upon installing/activating it, you will be provided with an installation menu allowing you to pick and choose which plugins you would like to install. If manually installing, then you will be provided with the plugins and readme texts, which will give you more information on what each plugin does so you can install it this way.

With this mod, it is inadvisable to uninstall it at any point during a playthrough as it will likely cause the Word Walls it edits to not function or act strangely. If however, you are testing the mod before adding it to your load order, it is good practice to make a save before the mod is installed, if afterwards you decide you don't want to use the mod, you can uninstall it without risk by loading the older save.

Compatibility/Load order

The vast majority of mods are compatible with this mod, the one few exceptions are mods that also affect Word Walls, mods such as Randomized Word Walls are incompatible because they edit similar things, but mods that edit Word Wall textures and animations however, are fine to use. Other mods that may have small conflicts include lighting mods such as ELFX and Realistic Lighting Overhaul, but this is easily resolved by loading this mod before them and allowing them to overwrite this mod, this will not negatively impact this mod in any way.

Regarding load order, this mod should be loaded as early as possible to ensure it does not overwrite any changes made by other mods, any overwrites it does make however are generally small and superficial.

Disclaimers and other general notes 

- Whilst this mod changes most Word Walls that are locked behind factions and the main questline, there are some exceptions, the Word Walls at the Throat of the World, Bleak Falls Barrow, Apocrypha, and the Temple of Miraak cannot be moved because they are involved in scripted events, moving them would likely break their respective quests they are attached to.

- Edits from the Unofficial Skyrim Patches are carried over, meaning that any fixes made by the patches are retained when using this mod.

- This mod is clean and error free, no ITM's, UDR's, deleted navmesh or other such errors are present, making this mod safe to use.

- To avoid potential issues, this mod should only be installed on new playthroughs, this is general practice with most other mods however.

- This mod has integration with the High Hrothgar and Letter from a Friend quests, meaning that when these quests are started, the moved Word Walls may be quest targets.

- This mod is lightweight, it makes no use of scripts and only edits what it needs to. 

- When Word Walls are moved to new locations, the old versions of them are made unusable to ensure that they don't cause any problems if encountered.

If you are looking for the version of this mod for original Skyrim, you can find it here: 
Link to mod

That's it really, If this mod worked out for you, leave an endorsement so other people can find it, cheers.