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Have powerful state, powerful magic, ignoring the drop damage, can not be blown (can try Fos Ra Dah), can not be physically damage, high move speed, high attack speed, no shout delay, high unarmed damage, can carry 32000 weight.Can learn the Dragon's special shouts.Can call Alduin with shout after defeat Alduin.

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Marie Rose independent race enhanced(Invincible) edition

Summary: There are two states to choose, normal state and vampire state. You can switch through console code "showracemenu".
Note: The vampire status has two eye colors that can be used. The first time the cursor moves to the vampire state, it is normal blue. When the cursor moves to the normal state, it will turn red when it moves back to vampire stage.
This state is different from other vampires. Although this vampire state is not  afraid of light and fire, but the magic power is 9 times (three times normal). It is worth noting that the negative effect may also have the same magnification effect.

1. Have powerful state, powerful magic, ignoring the drop damage, can not be blown (can try Fos Ra Dah), can not be physically damage, high move speed, high attack speed, no shout delay, high unarmed damage, can carry 32000 weight.

2. Shortly after the game opens,in the first tower can learn the Dragon's special shouts and the Alduin's Dragon Meteor Call.

3. After defeating Alduin, you can use Alduin Call shout to summon Alduin(at the ground in front) and two legendary dragons summon spells. (If the dragon blocks the road, you can summon other creatures to drop the dragon, and you can also absorb the dragon soul by this way)

4. powerful magic cloak:Mysterious power, can not be canceled after use, can only wait for the effect to disappear,you can press "T" button to wait 3 hours to cancel it. If move too fast after use, you can switch to the walking state by pressing the "Caps Lock" button, which will greatly reduce the speed to near normal moving speed. In this state, the magic absorption is 100%, the unlocker will not break, enemy people around you will be hurt seriously.Incidentally, the code for checking the magic absorption rate is “player.getav absorbchance”, and the setting code is “player.setav absorbchance 100”. (If magic absorbchance is 100%,no magic can damage, but can't use summon spells. If you want to use summon spell, the magic absorbchance should be adjusted to less than or equal to 0)

5. Hidden shout "Destruction Storm Call",premise,must had learned "Storm Call" three words.then "player.addshout 0X03C65D"
(X is the MOD sequence number). If magic absorbchance Below 100%,don't use it,it is possible to hit player.The first word is Alduin's Dragon Meteor Call,the second is the Storm Call of the enhanced version,the third word will cause continuous explosion around.

6. Exclusive magic:
(01) *Flaming Ball*,the flame destroys magic, is an enhanced version of the fireball, the speed is faster than the fireball, and can blow target to far.
(02) *Ice Cyclone*,the ice destruction magic, the people around it will be freezed.
(03) *Electric Shock Chain*,the lightning destruction magic,can connect the enemy and shock them.
(04) *Burst flash waves*, mixed destruction magic, large-scale blasting attacks, there will almost no survivors after hit by it. Ignore obstacles,become ash after being killed.
(05) *High-speed Energy Ball*,the ultra-fast light bomb attack, can instantly hit the enemy. After being killed, it will turn to ash.
(06) *Little Demon's Grip*,can grab people or things remotely.
(07) *Mystery Power*, improve user's ability, attack power 10 times, speed up, and cause damage to nearby hostile people. (Alternative usage: If some scenes is too big, don't want to waste time or fear a scene, you can open this state to pass the scene)
(08) *Fury Contral*, can be use to let someone crazy to attack others, you can kill this crazy target without breaking the law by this way,and no one can see you use this spell.
(09) *Frenzy Wave*, people within the effective range will go mad.
(10) *Pacify Wave*, people within the effective range will stop fighting.
(11) *Flash Laser*, releasing a continuous stream of lightning to attack the enemy. It has a paralytic effect. After being killed, it will turn to ash.
(12) Summon skills: Alduin, Dwarven Ballista, Wispmother, legendary dragons, if use vampire race, will can also summon gargoyle and death hound.
(13) *Super·VampireDrain*: absorbs health, magicka and stamina.
(14) *Super·Burst Flash Wave*: Mixed destruction magic, large-scale blasting attacks, and if hit by it will almost no survivors. The effect is twice then original.
(15) *Meditation Lightning*: Can use this spell under the water.
(16) *Heal Other*: Ignore the target race.
(17) *Water walking*: can float on the water.
(18) *Night Cloak*: The extra skill of the vampire race, automatically attacking nearby enemies that are undead.
(19) *Daedra Wave*: The mixed destruction magic, the attack range is large, and the attack power is high. Unless you intend to destroy an area, or do not use it.
(20) *Super Recover*: cure disease, recover health, magicka, stamina.
(21) *Shadow Ball*: Soul trap magic of summon, If killed a enemy,can traped the soul,and the dead enemy will be turned into a corpse puppet help to fight. This spell can also be used to resurrect corpses.
(22) *Super Ward*: Used to block the enemy's magic.
(23) *Corpse Puppet*: You can resurrect the people around you to fight for player.
(24) *Energy Burst*: Take yourself as the center and attack the surrounding area.
(25) *Copy Self*: Summon a copy to fight. It is worth noting that the summoned copy may use the bursting flash wave,so don't summon if you don't want to destroy an area

*The author of the face model is unknown,I think the author is a low-key and respectable person.
*MOD uses one of SG hairstyles.
*Use one of the Japanese RPG female sound effects voice MOD, unfortunately only the SKYRIM have the shout sounds, the other two DLC have no shout sounds, you can replace it with your own preferences.


How to use?
Put the "strings, scippts, sound, MarieRace.bsa, MarieRace.esp, RaceCompatibility.esm" files in [64Bit_SkyrimSpecialEdition] to [Data] folder of game.
Then load the mod and start the game,select marie rose in the race menu .

enchanting weapons:

player.setav enchanting 200
player.additem f82fa 1
player.additem f82fc 1
player.additem f71dd 1
player.additem be189 1
player.additem 8970d 1
player.additem 40002 1
player.additem 896ae 1
player.additem 896bd 1
player.additem ae086 1
player.additem 3b0c2 1
player.additem 896d5 1
player.additem 1019d4 1
player.additem be197 1
player.additem 896c9 1
player.additem 896ea 1
player.additem 896ff 1
player.additem 896f3 1
player.additem 90e32 1
player.additem 9e023 1
player.additem be23c 1
player.additem 100dee 1
player.additem 10d669 1
player.additem 100e24 1
player.additem 100df4 1
player.additem 10df4c 1
player.additem c72e8 1
player.additem 100dfa 1
player.additem 10d66a 1
player.additem 100e00 1
player.additem 10d668 1
player.additem 100e51 1
player.additem fcefe 1
player.additem 100e0c 1
player.additem 100e12 1
player.additem 10d671 1
player.additem 100e19 1
player.additem 100e1e 1
player.additem ff7d3 1
player.additem 100e59 1
player.additem 100e2a 1
player.additem 100e30 1
player.additem 100e35 1
player.additem 10d66b 1
player.additem 100e3c 1
player.additem 100e41 1
player.additem fcef8 1
player.additem 100e55 1
player.additem 100e4d 1
player.additem 10a06a 1
player.additem d5371 1
player.additem 100e64 1
player.additem fc043 1
player.additem fc049 1
player.additem 10dfc8 1
player.additem fc03d 1
player.additem fc04f 1
player.additem fc067 1
player.additem X01a578 1(X is DLC2's order)

Save to a notepad in the game directory, can be named "enchantingweapons", type "bat enchantingweapons" in the game's console, then destroy the enchanted weapons  can learn all the enchanting skills.