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Adds customizable skill level requirements to join the College of Winterhold.

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This mod adds requirements to joining the College of Winterhold. It is fully voiced because Bethesda planned to have requirements to join the College at one point and recorded lines for being rejected. Also, when Faralda tests your magical prowess, she will test you on your highest eligible skill instead of randomly selecting one of the schools of magic. Like in Vanilla, you can still bypass the test with persuasion, or by showing Faralda that you are Dragonborn. In fact, the latter option has been changed to be available as soon as you unlock shouts, instead of only after the point when the main quest prompts you to go to the College.

As Bethesda originally planned, joining the College requires an "Apprentice"-level magic perk. This mod also adds an alternative requirement so that simply having a skill level of 25 will substitute for having the perk. The specific skill level can be customized or disabled using the MCM.

This mod does not change the spells used in the test. Nor does it change anything else in the quest or the College of Winterhold questline. Mirabelle Ervine still only gives novice robes of destruction, you are still required to cast Lesser Ward for Tolfdir, and you still have to take the test and join the College in order to enter the College grounds.

The plugin is an ESPL so it won't take up a slot. In the load order, it would go before Khajiit Speak. The skill requirement makes this mod compatible with any perk mod, although I did make compatibility patches for every perk mod I could find to get the perk requirement to work. Some perk mods, like Vokrii, still include the vanilla perks and don't need a patch. I intentionally did not make a compatibility patch for SPERG since the perk requirement would be redundant with that mod. This mod is incompatible with other mods that affect Faralda's test.

Note: The text strings for all of the patches are actually included in the main file's BSA.

Language support: This mod has been made to work with all of the official translations of Skyrim, because the dialogue exists in vanilla and was translated. However, the MCM is only translated into English, Polish, and Japanese. In the Xbox version, the configuration menu has not been translated into Polish.