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Adds Unnecessarily High Definition Dawnguard style vampire eyes for the Argonian, Khajiit and Men/Mer races.

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UHDDVEAKH (Unnecessarily High Definition Dawnguard Vampire Eyes - Argonian, Khajiit & Human) is a fully remade from scratch vampire eye replacer for the Argonian, Khajiit & Men/Mer races, all together in one neat package!

This replaces/compliments my previous mods for adding Dawnguard-style vampire eyes to the Argonian & Khajiit races, which were 512x512 upscaled from a lower resolution, and were using a combination of vanilla and another modder's textures.

They were fine, but I thought I'd give it another go to see if I could do better!

These new textures are 1024x1024, which isn't UHD in the sense that it's 4K, but UHD in the sense that it's completely unnecessary; like, you have to zoom in with 10 fov just to see the difference... but don't let that deter you from downloading! They (probably) won't break your pc!

This mod WILL NOT make the eyes glow, for that you need another mod, linked below.
Please do not comment asking why they don't glow, thank you!

  • * Initial Release - UHD DG Vampire Eye Replacer.

  • Updated to include more natural pupils & limbal rings.

Load the Mod archive using your favourite mod manager!

Drag the textures folder from the archive into the data folder in your Skyrim SE installation's root.

Conflicts with any mods that change the Khajiit Vampire Eye Texture.
Will work fine with anything else.

Skyrim's Ultimate Eye Meshes Ruhmastered SSE - Adds in the glow effect for the vampire eyes, as well as normal Khajiit and Argonians.

Mod Organizer 2 By Tannin - The best mod loader ever created. Seriously, Give it a whirl; its pretty boss.

If you'd like to use this mod in your mod and/or mod compilation, drop me a message beforehand so I can take a look at what you want to do with it.

Also crediting me would be appreciated, thanks.