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Gives Septims a small weight to simulate the absurdity of carrying ten thousand small coins around with you.

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Immersive Gold  - Septims Have Weight


Description: This is a very small light weight mod created with the SSE creation kit and its goal is to add balance and realism through a small tweak.

There are three versions of this mod:

1  - The first, has each Septim at a weight of 0.005 each, which means that if you have two hundred gold on your person, then you'll be carrying an extra 1 weight, which seems reasonable to me in terms of both game-play and realism. 

2 - And the second version is less balanced, and more geared toward realism. This version has each gold piece at 0.01 weight which means that ten thousand Septims weighs 100 weight, which makes sense in real life but maybe not in terms of game-play.

3 - And the second version is more light weight and geared toward giving a sense of weight to your coin purse. This version has each gold piece at 0.001 weight which means that a thousand Septims weighs 1 weight, which makes for easier gameplay but is not very realistic.

 Choose which version of the mod you'd like to use and either download with NMM and use it as you would for any other mod, or just extract the downloaded file to your Skyrim Special Edition Data folder. Load order does not really matter.

Compatibility: I have no idea how this could possibly conflict with another mod, short of another gold has weight mod.