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A new playable winged beast race for Skyrim with considerable magical ability. Pharlans begin the game with 150 bonus magicka and one half magicka regen rate. They have a spell absorb chance of 70 percent. They are immune to electricity and resist poison and disease.

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  • German
Added optional texture replacer for males. You can now try out gold!

Version 1.2 changes the female bodies to default meshes so that any body mods you use will affect pharlans. Also adds a variety of clawed boots and gauntlets to the chests in Helgen and Whiterun catacombs. Some of these will clip with non CBBE meshes/clothing.

Pharlans are a winged beast race with some bird/reptilian like qualities though they are actually neither. Pharlans have considerable magical ability, surpassing even High Elves. Pharlans begin the game with 150 bonus magicka and one half magicka regen rate. They also have a spell absorb chance of 70 percent and are immune to electricity. Wings are added via potions which can be obtained in the torturers room in the Helgen Keep. They will also be added via script if you use showracemenu from an old save or use an alternative start mod. 

Video shows the game started with Live another Life.

Pharlans take no falling damage and have a jump bonus but are balanced by Armor producing a penalty rather than a bonus. -1 armor rating for each piece. This means you will need to rely on magic  spells for armor since spells will give an armor bonus. The penalty is given because it's hard to fly or maneuver with wings if you're weighed down by armor. Wing adding potions may also be obtained in Whiterun's Hall of the Dead (other races may also use these potions if desired) but wing potions add the armor penalty and not the fall damage removal. 

Pharlan skill bonuses:

  • Destruction - 10
  • Alteration - 5
  • Illusion - 5
  • Restoration - 5
  • One Handed - 10

The wings are derived from Anton's amazing animated wings mod with the animations and models updated for SSE by me. Unfortunately the flying mod has not yet been ported to the special edition so no flying for pharlans at current. If you want to fly, you can play the classic Skyrim version of this mod.

Bio-electrical in nature Pharlans are able to absorb many forms of energy, including spells. They originate from Rona, a separate world from Nirn. More information on pharlans and their universe can be found on my website. 

The textures come from the Gadan Pharlan Mod for Morrowind available here.