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An updated Obsidian Weathers and Seasons patch for Vigilant.esm.

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This is an updated integration patch for Obsidian Weathers to work with the recent ESM version of Vigilant. It simply carries over Obsidian's changes and tweaks into the new worldspaces seen in the Vigilant mod. It was made for Obsidian Weathers 1.07, but it may work with future versions as well. To reiterate, I am not the original creator of this patch nor do I own any of the assets of either of the required mods, just a small patch I made for myself using xEdit 4.0.2


For this mod to work, you will need:

- Obsidian Weathers (v. 1.07) by Dr Mega & Arindel, uploaded by kojak747. It is not a master file for this plugin, but it wouldn't
make sense if you downloaded this mod and not that one.

- VIGILANT SE (v. 1.3.0Beta) by Vicn. You absolutely need this! Make sure you install Vigilant.esm and NOT Vigilant.esp! If you don't
install this mod, you'll probably crash on startup.


There are two versions of the mod. The main file is an ESPL-ESPFE, so it won't take a slot in your load order. The optional file is an ESP, for those of you who prefer it that way. It can be safely merged using mator's zEdit alpha. Installation with Mod Organizer 2, or Vortex is recommended. NMM users may have a hard time with the ESPL format.